What is your fetish?

Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by J-Pit, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. Yes_Please

    Yes_Please Active Member

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  2. syedahim

    syedahim New Member

    Restraints, rope or chain. (I enjoy struggling)
    Female subs (I want one of my own!)
    Beatings (giving and receiving)
  3. mcmillkm

    mcmillkm New Member

    rubbing dick with foot hardly
  4. JayPaper

    JayPaper Member

    foot fetish
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  5. Pornfantasies

    Pornfantasies New Member

    my wife - my fetish :)
  6. bello70

    bello70 New Member

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  7. Ezekiel2015

    Ezekiel2015 New Member

    Torture orgasms :cool:
  8. bxx3xx

    bxx3xx New Member

    Foot fetish
    I'm patient
  9. stachoo

    stachoo Active Member

    shoejobs, cock trampling
  10. kayleigh

    kayleigh chat didnt hurt nobody but dont you wish it did

    let me start with:

    uncut cocks
    receiving abuse to my face
    receiving spit
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  11. Tyler Durden

    Tyler Durden New Member

    I am into foot fetish !! especially women foot to foot competition
  12. SuckSuckSuck

    SuckSuckSuck Member

    High Heels!!! Long Legs!!!
  13. Sick Girl

    Sick Girl New Member

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  14. High Heels!
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  15. 10TbPorn

    10TbPorn Member

    L A T E X!
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