What is your fetish?

Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by J-Pit, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. J-Pit

    J-Pit New Member

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    Tell us about your fetish. What is it that turns you on?
    I'll start...

    I love corsets
    ass worshiping
    like to sniff panties
    latex clothing
    pantyhose and stockings
    high heel boots
    wear a chastity device

    The list is not full, but these fetishes excite me more than others.

    And now your turn:)
  2. in2chains

    in2chains New Member

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    Chains, handcuffs, shackles, leg irons, any steel bondage. The more the better.
  3. MistressSteel

    MistressSteel New Member

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    My most intense and life-long fetish is watching men masturbate, hearing stories about it, seeing what they do to get different reactions, anything to do with it!
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  4. DearElliot

    DearElliot Member

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  5. heinirchvf

    heinirchvf New Member

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    I like chains & iron cuffs, wide open bondage, oral servitude, figging, wax, forced orgasm, ... that whole region :)
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  6. us4bull

    us4bull New Member

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    All sort of goodies

    Tight leather
    big strap -ons
    retro undies,girdless,stockings so many thing so little time.
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  7. DearElliot

    DearElliot Member

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    I enjoy genital abuse and forced degradation ...made to perform orally for a dominant woman and her sub male, given a choice, shown the needle to feel it, then either accept the needle of suggest some degrading acts she may wish to make me perform...her body, panties, tampon, pee, or her spit, worship her in this fashion, I ask that she do not bathe...at least the day before..longer if she will...I find the only partners available for my needs are the professional women..
  8. gwendoline

    gwendoline New Member

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    I suppose most of us subs enjoy the obvious aspects of BDSM, the leather, chains, whips etc. and like so many of us, panties are high on the list but my list would also include the scent of her shoes and boots and the delicious odour of Her anus and arm pits. I feel so content when lying at her feet and licking Her boots.
    Cock and ball torture is a delight in that Mistress can inflict a lot of pain on me with little effort but my ultimate fetish is when the fetish includes the intimate worship of my Mistress.
    All of my Mistress’s bodily wastes are a delight to me so, each month, when She is on her period and I am Her toilet I am in heaven. Mistress will only allow me to take ‘everything’ for a few days each month but those days are fantastic and at least one day I will be allowed no food except Her bodily waste.
  9. bondageguy

    bondageguy New Member

  10. snowflake357

    snowflake357 New Member

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    forced orgasms
    forced fellatio
    spreader bars (pretty much any kind of restraints...)
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  11. rikkiann

    rikkiann New Member

  12. DearElliot

    DearElliot Member

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    oodor aroma underarms

    I was stationed in Berlin in the late 50s..most of the apartments were cold water, clothing expensive bathing difficult, and many if not most of the women had hair under their arms, and used cotton wadding for kotex. In the subways and buses you could smell the women sitting next to you, and I discovered it turned me on..
    I would wake up with my face against the underarm of a woman and the smell would make me hard. My experience then was going down on a woman was something that she diidnt expect and I often had to really insist..I mean they were ready to leave the room naked when I put my face against their closed legs..and had to pry their legs apart to enjoy. I would smell their panties and they woul;d be shocked as I chewed on the crotch, the aroma was so pleasureable beyond description and I did enjoy that time...Today women here bathe so much its like licking ivory soap when you go down. My wifes worn panties smell like freshly washed linen..Women I am involved with I always ask please dont bathe...

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    i have a love for latex/lycra/pvc clothing my favs are catsuits and dresses, but love leggings skirts well anything! also always had a thing about women wearing these type of clothes in public, really love it. also wearing them myself being a transvestite, high heels to love platforms, bondage, rope chains cuffs, love wearing a collar to, strap ons, buttplugs, spanking, wearing a chastity device(mine is a CB curve) 24/7, humiliation, degridation, orgasam denial, also love to be teased sexualy. also have like a clothing fetish, love to see women dressed realy sexy or slutty.
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  14. mrjake

    mrjake New Member

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    i love to be tied spread eagle have my balls stretched and torture and having a fist up my ass
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  15. brokenman45

    brokenman45 New Member

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    I love to be dressed in sexy lingerie and be humiliated and used as a whore and submit myself to dominant men and women for their amusement and pleasure

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