The Wedding Photographer

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    I thought I’d never tell this story, but I decided to do so, because it’s so unique.

    It happened on my wedding day,two years ago.

    My husband, John had hired his cousin,Tim, to take our wedding photographs. Tim was a professional photographer, and did nice work. In the late morning of our wedding day, I was getting ready in my bedroom, and was in my wedding gown.

    A couple of my bridesmaids were there helping me, and Tim came in and wanted to take a few shots of me getting ready, and also several shots of me in the wedding dress. After these were completed and my two girlfriends had left to go downstairs, Tim asked me if I wouldn’t like to have a few “more intimate shots†taken, just for John.

    When I asked him what he meant, he suggested several photos of me just in my panties and bra. I thought this was a little unusual, but Tim told me that several brides he had photographed recently had requested photos like this just for their intended husbands to see and keep, and the more he talked about it, the more I thought it might be O.K, so we decided to do it,and I took off my wedding gown and slip, and was just there in my bra and panties and garter belt.

    Now, I should tell you that before I met John, I had dated Tim several times, and we did like each other a lot,and a couple of times had gotten rather intimate,but then he had gone off to college and so did I, and we sort of grew apart, and things just didn’t work out for us.

    After that I started dating John and we fell in love and decided to get married.

    I hadn’t seen Tim in a couple of years until the time of the wedding.

    At any rate, I thought it would be O.K. to pose for Tim, because he was a professional and he was John’s cousin, but even then, kind of wondered if I should be posing like this even if it was Tim taking the pictures. Well, to make a long story short, Tim did take a half dozen very intimate photos of me, both sitting and standing in my underwear, and Tim was telling me how very special these would be for John, and how we could treasure them over the years — just the two of us. It all sounded very romantic.

    After Tim finished taking the photos, I started to get back into my slip and wedding dress, and was having a little problem, and so I told him to call my girfriends downstairs to help me, but, instead, Tim came up close to me and said he’d be glad to help me — and before I knew it, he was kissing me around my neck and shoulders, breathing very heavily, and saying, “Oh Kathy, why did we fall apart years ago?â€

    And before I knew it, my dress had dropped to the ground, and Tim was pulling me close to him, and he was kissing me madly — and I found myself kissing him back. It wasn’t very long before we found ourselves on my bed, with my bra and panties off, and Tim’s pants and jockeys off, and he was fucking me furiously, and I found myself loving it, and cooperating in every way.

    He came inside me quickly, several times, and then after about 15-20 minutes it was over.

    We came to our senses and stopped. He apologized, but said he was glad we had this one time together, because he had always wanted to have sex with me.

    After we had finished, I was visibly shaken, and really didn’t know what to do, but I quickly composed myself. Tim helped me to get dressed, and then left. The wedding went on as scheduled. Tim took lota and lots of photographs that day — at the church service and at the reception.But everytime I saw him, my mind kept going back to that morning,where I was actually fucking with Tim in my bedroom before my own wedding, but I told myself that I would have to forget that it ever happened and That I should concentrate on being a good wife to John. And I was. I never have had sex with anyone else but my husband in the last two years and I never will. What Tim and I did that morning was absolutely wrong. But, at the time, we simply got carried away, and I have to say that it felt wonderful. Sex with John is also wonderful too, however, and, in time, I hope that I can put this all behind me. The fact remains, however, that on my wedding day, my first ever sex was with my husband’s cousin, Tim, the wedding photographer. I can hardly believe it myself to this very day.
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