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    “Ohh, it hurts…â€
    I bet it did. It hurt me too. Like the dickens.
    She settled down with me embedded inside and I felt her round ass cheeks against my crotch. She sighed and straightened up, arching her back, giving me a great view of her breasts. I reached up and pulled her down to kiss me by her nipples. Harder and faster than she had time to react, of course.
    I smiled, “Oh, I’m sorry; poor nipples…â€
    “You don’t mean that. You’re not sorry at all.â€
    Smugly, “Nope.â€
    That’s a common interchange between us, by the way.
    We were both sore. My right hand was still sticky from having been inside her, stretching her wider than she had ever thought was possible. Her breasts were already showing signs of bruising from me biting them and mauling them and slapping them. They would be brightly bruised the next day. Her ass was radiating warmth from having been spanked earlier.
    And we had already been fucking for three hours.
    Well, three hours minus two smoke breaks, one pee break (hers), and several trips to drink the foul-tasting bathroom sink water. I cursed myself for not thinking of bringing anything to drink. When I had been working my hand into her, her mouth would suddenly go dry and she would need a drink of water before continuing. Fisting is intense, especially the first time. Especially if you are the one who has to find a place to put that fist.

    We had been resting on the bed, me on my back and her on her side with her head on my shoulder. I remember remarking that it’s *great* sex when the girl winds up as sweaty as you do. In response she groaned, “God, I want you again,†and ground her pussy against my thigh.

    I told her to suck my dick and she gingerly moved into position. She moved between my legs while grazing her perfect breasts against the inside of my thighs the way she knows I like. She has this way of cradling my balls in her cleavage while sucking me that makes it feel like I’m completely surrounded by softness and it’s heavenly.

    I just lay there, half passed out, letting her do all the work. Once she had me erect for the umpteenth time that night she moved up and sat down on me and I entered her for the umpteenth time that night. I hissed and she gasped, both of us in pain. I was chafed and her insides were swollen from having been stretched by my hand earlier. Still, neither of us had had enough.

    She tilted her pelvis a bit and I winced as I shifted deep inside her. “This is going to be a rough ride,†I thought.

    There is nothing like warm, welcoming, wet pussy. And I had a warm, welcoming, wet, sore, battered, and abused one all around my poor dick at the moment.

    She started rocking her pelvis, creating movement without much sliding in and out. So far so good. I counted my blessings and was grateful for little favors.

    Slowly we began building up endorphins and the pain receded little by little to be replaced by a single-minded determination to stuff me as deep into her as we could. If a shoehorn had been within reach, we would have probably used it too.

    She put her little hands on my chest and shoulders for purchase. At first she had been worried that I would disapprove when she did that because it could be construed as her attempting to hold me down. I had to explain to her that it didn’t feel like that to me; that her using me as support just made her feel daintier and even more feminine to me. After all, compared to her I am built like a construction machine; there is no way she could pin me down no matter how hard she tried.

    She was pushing herself down on me harder and harder, faster and faster. I couldn’t even make out if the intense sensations that were radiating from my cock were those of pain or pleasure. Really, I couldn’t. All I knew was that I was rapidly approaching sensory overload from whatever it was. I wasn’t nearing orgasm as much as nearing a complete and utter short-circuit.

    In hindsight I think it was pain but I wasn’t going to stop the maniacal female stabbing herself with me, grinding herself on me, taking me in over and over, rougher and rougher. I was pinching her nipples as hard as I could and she didn’t even notice it anymore. Those poor nipples. I had been sucking them and biting them raw in the beginning of the night; they were going to be scabbed over in the next few days.

    Her eyes were closed shut and she half-whimpered/whisper-chanted to herself, “Ow ow ow ow ow…†in unison with her hips’ movement. This lovely, beautiful masochistic girl was using me to hurt herself. Does it get much better than that?

    I pulled her close for a kiss and her eyes opened and she attempted a smile but her face was all slack and she cried, “I love it. I love it. I love it.†Then she urgently begged, “Choke me,†eyes flashing.

    She was close but she needed me to push her over the ledge.

    I didn’t have to be asked twice. I released her nipples and reached up with my hands and took a strangle-hold around her slender neck, thumbs overlapping over her throat. She closed her eyes and smiled that little smile she does whenever I grasp her throat.

    Then I squeezed.

    Her mouth opened as in a silent cry and her arms fell lifeless down her sides and her pelvis started rocking even faster and harder than before. She was actually using my grip around her throat as the anchor point for her movement. I could hear the slight sound of a labored exhalation so I squeezed harder, securing my grip around her throat.

    And then I hung on for dear life.

    Because after that I got *seriously* fucked. :D
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    nice one...
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    keep on writing erotic story man

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