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    My husband and I had a business. We hired and befriended a young guy in his teens to help us out.

    He was a good friend always hanging out at our place after work. He had been our friend for about one and a half years. One night he bought over a bottle of Bundaberg Rum, so we started drinking then my husband put on a porno movie. We were laughing having fun when my husband turned around and dared me to suck our friends cock, I was embarrassed and said “I’ll suck his cock if he takes it out†and sure enough he did.

    I was already secretly worked up and then I saw his massive cock trying not to smile I immediately got on my knees and started licking his cock all over tonguing his balls, running my tongue over the length, toying with his tip then taking it deep down my throat.

    I could feel my pussy stir, I was so wet which just made me suck his cock harder. My husband was watching and got his cock out and started masturbating, he always wanted to watch me fuck someone else.

    I continued to suck his massive cock feeling myself getting more and more worked up until I couldn’t take it anymore. I got up and said I was going to finish myself in the bedroom.

    He immediately responded “what about me?†so I said he could come too if he wanted. When he came in I pushed him to the bed climbed on top of him and started tonguing his tongue pulling frantically at his clothes as he did with mine. I immediately put his cock into my aching cunt moaning and gasping as I felt his huge cock push into me nearly cumming.

    So I started riding his cock gripping with my cunt squeezing tight and slowly lowering myself pressing my cunt hard against his body ensuring I could feel all of him inside me I started rocking on his cock, he had his hands pressed against my breasts which drove me crazy by this time he was pumping me hard. I noticed the door slightly ajar and my husband standing there watching, wanking himself off which only motivated me more. I knew our friend never had anal and I love anal so I pulled his cock out and proceeded to suck my juices off his cock thoroughly enjoying the taste of our sex. Slipping his cock back into my cunt only to make his cock wet again I then placed his cock tip at my ass, he was so worked up by now he didn’t have a choice, I slowly lowered myself onto his cock screaming in pain from the size of it, his eyes rolled back as I started pumping his cock, it didn’t take long before he was fucking my ass hard.

    The pain was excruciating but so was the pleasure my cunt felt every stroke I felt like cumming over and over then he came, I could feel his warm cum fill my body. Finished he fell asleep but I was still totally aroused, so I went into the lounge room to find my husband “asleep†on the couch. Knowing he was pretending I said to him “I know you’re not asleep, did you like that?†he responded “yes†so I unzipped his pants and started licking his cock all over pressing my fingers into his ass massaging his prostate whilst sucking his cock. Totally hard now I straddled him and started riding his cock my juices making his cock slip right in, my hungry pussy couldn’t get enough I was totally wrecked then I took his cock into my ass as he pushed I could feel the cum ooze out of my ass coating his cock, it was such a turn on, as I could feel he was about to cum I climbed off and started sucking his cock tasting of cum I pressed my fingers into his ass and he blew gushes of cum into my mouth which made me suck him harder trying to get at his cum he was writhing, I could feel his body shake as I continued to lick and suck after he came. My mouth still tasting of cum I made him kiss me and he totally enjoyed it. The next day our friend told my husband “I love your wifeâ€. He asked if he was ok with him fucking me and my husband responded “of course not I set it upâ€.

    He often brought around a bottle of Bundy after that .

    Employee Training
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    I continued to suck his massive cock feeling myself getting more and more worked up until I couldn’t take it anymore. I got up and said I was going to finish myself in the bedroom. beautiful description of the process by sucking penis, probably written by the experience.

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