Betrayal and Punishment

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    Excerpt taken from the unfinished novel 'Male Frenzy'

    If I had known beforehand how much trouble having sex with Kjell would get me into, I would have ignored his presence in my bedroom and returned downstairs after taking off my French maid’s uniform, just as I had originally intended on doing.

    Because once again, everything was now completely out of my control. And the worst part of that was Adrian’s sudden disloyalty. I had expected him to be disappointed in me for going with another man after his – and Kristian’s – order not to, and had agreed with him that I deserved punishing. But what I hadn’t expected was for him to callously abandon me, just when I needed him the most.

    The car suddenly came to a stop and the engine was switched off. I couldn’t suppress a shudder of fear; what was going to happen to me now?

    The boot was opened, and I squinted against the sudden harsh light that illuminated the large garage. Kjell stared down at me, his face still obscured by the leather hood, but given my sudden change in circumstances he now looked extremely frightening.

    ‘Are you okay?’ he enquired softly, his blue-grey eyes full of concern. I stared warily back up at him, not sure whether or not I could trust him, but I nodded anyway.

    ‘Come on, then, out you get. I need to get you inside.’

    Reaching into the boot, he untied the rope around my ankles and helped me out. Then he led me into the house, and up the stairs to a large room that resembled the torture dungeon Kristian and I had at home in Cardiff. Erik stood by the window, calmly awaiting our arrival.

    ‘Welcome,’ he said quietly but without any emotion, fixing me with sharp blue eyes. ‘Do you understand why you have been brought here?’

    I nodded my head, unable to speak with the penis gag Kjell had worn all night now strapped into my mouth.

    ‘Good,’ he replied, and a faint but cruel smile touched his lips, making me shudder. Again I felt a rush of anger towards Adrian, not only for allowing this man to punish me, but for insisting he take me to his house to inflict the punishment himself. Erik had been gay all his life and had never shared any intimacy with a woman. For some unknown reason, he thought every woman was a cruel prick tease who went out of her way to cause men nothing but misery. Given these facts, I couldn’t understand why he wanted to punish me himself, even if he had caught me in a 69 with his boyfriend.

    ‘String her up by her feet,’ he ordered. ‘Legs and cunt wide open.’

    ‘Yes, master,’ Kjell replied softly, giving me an apologetic look, as though he couldn’t bear to see me suffer whatever torture his dominant lover wished to inflict upon my defenceless body. At his insistence, I sat on the floor and allowed him to fasten my legs apart with a spreader bar. He then took eight relatively short lengths of chain and, to my amazement, proceeded to pull my pussy lips wide open with the intent of securing them in place.

    He achieved this by clipping one end of each chain to each of my labia rings, wrapping the two front chains around the front of each leg, and the two back chains around the back of each leg; where the four chains met up around each leg, he secured them in place with a padlock, holding me wide open. I stared down at myself in disbelief; my butterfly tattoo was now in full view. The chains felt strange and a little uncomfortable, but they didn’t really pull or hurt as I would have imagined them to.

    There was a motor-driven coil in the ceiling, which Kjell activated now to bring down two long thick chains, which he hooked to the spreader bar. A moment later I felt myself being lifted up to hang upside down, my waist-length hair just brushing the carpet. Twisting my head, I saw my soon-to-be torturer give me another cruel smile.

    ‘You’re going to have to wear this,’ he announced, stepping forward with another leather hood in his hands. ‘I do not wish to see your face at all while I administer your punishment.’

    He lifted my head and pulled the hood down into place. It was a snug fit, and this one too was fastened with a row of padlocks. My eyes were left uncovered, and the fact that he clearly wanted me to witness my punishment made me feel more than just slightly afraid. However, at least this way, there would be no nasty surprises.

    But I wished that I had been blindfolded when he approached me again a moment later, holding a long, thin wooden cane, which he tapped lightly against my most sensitive folds of flesh…
  2. Prissy

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    sounds like long painful night is ahead

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    Haha, I haven't even written the next part yet, so I will post whatever comes next as soon as it's done! :)
  4. Prissy

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    lol, somehow I figured.
  5. Ms.sub13

    Ms.sub13 Member

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    I liked what I have read so far. Can't wait to read more.

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    The abrupt ending leaves me in strained anticipation.
  7. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

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    I like it. The sadist in me craves more.
  8. vanilla137

    vanilla137 New Member

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    Where's the rest?????? U can't leave us hanging like that!!!!

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    Ya, don't leave us hanging. I love this one!

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    Shit...I'd forgotten all about this! I actually still haven't written any more of it since then :(

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    You are a pretty good writer. I have no writing skills at all.

    It ended when it started to get really good. Should have titled it "Orgasm Denial" :p jk
  12. Precious

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    Wow this was amazing!! You really do have a gift

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