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    An Essex girl 's bukkake night

    It was all down to my boyfriend, Dave.

    He finally told me, confessed really, about just what Thursday nights out with the boys really was. It seems that the dirty little fucker and his mates were staging gangbangs.

    Four of them were getting together and paying different sluts to fuck them all at the same time. But this week it was his turn to get the slut, and he hadn’t been able to get one, so now I was his last chance – cheeky bugger!

    It took a while and it cost him plenty, but in the end I agreed. I wanted to get my own back, and fucking his mates – and enjoying it – seemed like a good way to do it. After all four cocks fucking me at the same time, was a fantasy come true.

    I planned for the evening with care. First thing in the morning I shaved my pussy, and painted my nails, toes and fingers, in a deep ruby red. After lunch I topped up my tan at the tanning studio and had my hair done at the salon – blonde with highlights. I did my make-up carefully, applying rather more than usual, and making the most of my blue eyes.

    My choice of outfit was simple and scant. Hold up sheer black stockings, black high heel shoes with cut away toes, no bra and no knickers, and a simple, but elegant black mini evening dress. With a spray of perfume and a single strand of opaque pearls at my throat I was ready to show Dave just what his mates were going to get.

    I called downstairs and waited until I heard him close the living room door and then I started to slowly walk down. He stood at the foot of the stairs and I knew he could see right up my dress. He went to reach for me, but I gave him a stinging slap to the face.

    “I am only doing this to get you out of a hole,†I lied.

    We drove over to Pete’s place, where Pete, Jason and Carl were already waiting. Smirking Pete led me into the lounge, which had been prepared by pushing the big white leather sofa and arm chairs to the walls, lights dimmed and music playing. I walked around the room kissing each man in turn, feeling my cunt getting wet. But when I got at last to Dave, I stood in front of him and waited for him to lean in for kiss. And then I slapped him hard in the face.

    The other boys all laughed out loud.

    Earlier I had decided that I was going to be in charge, and that come what may I was going to direct this little scene. So I sat in the middle of the sofa and crossed my legs, sipping at a glass of wine that Jason had given me. There was an uncomfortable silence from the boys, which I relished. I uncrossed my legs, letting my dress fall back and expose the tops of stockings and my shaven pussy.

    “Come on boys – show me what you’ve gotâ€, I ordered.

    And they did. All four of them stripped naked and showed me their cocks. I parted my legs and pulled my dress to expose my shaven pussy watching each of my boys licking their lips in anticipation. I put a finger into the wine glass and then started to rub the wet finger tip into my labia.

    “Carl on your knees and lick me please.â€

    Carl did just that. Licking at my labia and pushing his tongue between my pussy lips. I finished my drink and gave the empty glass to Dave. Jason and Pete sat on each side of me and began to caress my tits. I reached out for Jason’s cock and began to wank it, occasionally squeezing it hard as it grew to a full jutting erection. Carl was expertly licking my cliterous and teasing my cunt with his tongue and lips. I gave Pete’s prick the same attention as Jason’s and all the while I started into Dave’s eyes as he stood behind Carl, waiting for his turn.

    “Wank your cock Dave. Rub it till it comesâ€, I commanded.

    And he did, catching his spunk in his hand as his cock pulsed and wilted away. Now that Dave was spent for a bit, I leaned forward and held Carl’s head tight between my thighs, loving what he was doing to my cunt. I put my arms up and Pete pulled my dress up and over my head. Jason fell on my tits and began to suck and squeeze them.

    “Fuck me Peteâ€, I said.

    Standing I walked to the side of the sofa and lay down over the arm with my bum and pussy exposed. Needing no more encouragement Pete came up behind and pushed his cock inside my pussy and moving his hips powerfully he fucked me.

    “Now you Carlâ€, I breathed in expectation of the younger man’s cock.

    Reluctantly Pete moved away and Carl quickly pushed his cock into my pussy. He was eager and fucked me hard and fast. His hands were clasped at my waist, and felt hot and clammy, as he jerked my body back and forth along the length of his shaft. Worrying that Carl would cum too soon, I pushed him away and pulled Jason to me by his prick.

    Soon it was Jason fucking my cunt with long slow thrusts of his hips. Carl was standing by my face, but with a bit of rearrangement he was able to kneel on the sofa and feed his cock into my mouth. I cupped his balls in the palm of one hand and gently kneaded them as I sucked his knob, enjoying the feeling of Jason fucking me. Not to be left out Pete carefully caressed my breasts, pulling and squeezing one of my nipples between thumb and forefinger, as he slowly wanked his cock.

    It was wonderful to be the centre of such extreme sexual passion. I loved the feeling of being filled with a cock, sucking a cock and having my tits caressed all at the same time. Wondering about Dave, I lifted my head for a moment and saw him frantically playing with his still flaccid prick.

    I judged that all three of my lovers would soon be ready to cum, so I stopped the action and knelt between Carl and Pete so I could wank their cocks between teasing fellatio on each in turn. Jason stood in front watching me working on his mate’s cocks and balls, as he frantically wanked at his own.

    “I’m coming,†he said and wanked his sperm into my face in a series of warm sticky spurts.

    Moments later I felt Carl tense and directed his stream of cum onto my cheek and neck, pulling on his cock until he too was spent, I licked the final dribble of spunk from the eye of his penis. Pete was anxiously waiting his turn and pulled my head around and urgently pushed his throbbing cock into my mouth, erupting in a salty gush of sperm that filled my mouth. I sucked him till he was done and let his cock fall from my lips.

    I must have looked a sight with cum plastered to my face and neck, and even in my hair, but Dave was finally hard again and wanted to fuck me. To his surprise I fell to my knees by his feet, with a hand pushed inside my pussy and a thumb on my clit. I took his red and angry cock in my hand and rubbed it a few times and then spat a mouthful of Pete’s sperm onto his prick and rubbed it along his shaft and into his pubic hair.

    Instantly I knew I had gone too far. Dave pushed me over onto my back, grabbed my legs by the ankles and pushed my knees into chest. He threw himself onto me pinning me to the floor and holding my knees against my tits. Somehow he managed to get his cock inside my cunt and then he fucked me hard and fast until I felt a powerful spurt of come inside my pussy, and with that Dave rolled off to one side.

    I got to my knees and using the sofa, I got to my feet. The boys were sitting around the room, watching me and playing with their pricks, but I had had enough. I picked up my dress and went upstairs to shower.

    That was the first time.

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