Blind Date

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    Author: Self.

    We had been talking online and sharing some fantasy scenarios. He asked me how I'd tease him, and when I was done, said that he wanted to do that, but first had his own fantasy he wanted to fulfill. It required me never having seen him before, so I agreed that we should do his first.

    On his instruction, I was dressed in a fitted black dress and high heels, with a blindfold on. I had forgotten to leave the door unlocked so it was necessary for me to find my way down the hallway to let him in.

    He stepped into the hallway and I inhaled his scent. He put my hand on his arm, so I stepped in closer to hug him, as I had no other way of gauging my reaction to his proximity.

    He gathered my bag and jacket from where I'd left them, and taking my keys, led me outside and locked the door. He then led me to his car, depositing me in the passenger seat, putting on my seatbelt, and handing me my bag and jacket.

    He held my hand and talked in a soothing manner to me as he drove, taking a circuitous route so that I had no idea where I was. After a short drive, he pulled to the side of the road and informed me that he just had to kiss me. I could see a snippet of green of someone's lawn through the edges of my blindfold, but had no idea where we were or who could see.

    My breathe caught in anticipation as he lifted my arm and his lips made their way from my wrist towards my neck. I arched my back as he touched his lips to my neck and ran his thumb across my mouth, which was parted and wet and aching to be kissed. He patted my leg and told me that was enough for now, I'd have to wait. Then he continued on the drive to our destination.

    After a while, we went through some gates, and he parked the car. He helped me from the seat, and leading me by the arm across a paved area, he told me to stand very still. And warned me that the dogs would not hurt me as long as I didn't startle them. I stood perfectly still as I was sniffed and inspected by two very large dogs, and they backed off when he ordered them to their beds. He then led me into the house. Standing on the wooden floor, I felt a momentary panic as I heard the decisive click of the door locking. But before it had chance to take hold, he was leading me to a room.
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    After feeding me a drink, and massaging me, he had me lay on my back, where he dribbled a syrup of some sort down my torso and into my pussy. He alternated between lapping it up, and feeding it to me with strawberries and chocolate. And fanning the air to cool my body wherever it touched me. I felt an urgent need to go to the bathroom at this time, and told him so. He led me blindfolded to the toilet and stood by me as I peed. He then wiped me and washed my hands, and led me back to the bed.

    He placed my hands on him so that I could explore his body. Of course leading me straight to his hard cock, when he then guided to my mouth. After a short while of lapping at him, he lay me back down and inserted his cock into me, riding me hard and then stopping. He then rolled onto his back pulling me with him and I started to move around and explore him again. Which prompted him to ask: Who told you that you could be in control? I told him that as he had put me in a postion where I was unrestricted, I had thought he wanted me to. And he told me to continue.

    After a while of sliding around the bed in each other, I found my blindfold was slipping out of place and asked his permission to remove it. Which he gave. And as he thrust deeply into me I looked upon him for the first time and he said, hello.

    When he had exhausted both of our bodies, he lay me down and wrapped a blanket around me for both of us to sleep. Waking me again in the early hours of the morning to continue with our exploration of each other's bodies. After which he offered me a shower, but I declined. Preferring to shower in my own bathroom. He introduced me to his two very large dogs on the way out to the car, and seemed disappointed that I hadn't been scared that they would attack me. He drove me home, where he cuddled me for a little while and then he left me to go about my day.
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    i like the story. nice writings
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    That is really beautiful writing. I was wrought with anticipation the entire time that I read your short.
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    Thank you. I have more stories to write up, or copy from my hard drive, when I have more time.

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