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    So, since I've been with Master, I started shaving my crotch for him. I very very rarely ever did this before I started being with him and he told me he prefers it shaven. So, since I started shaving down there, I've been getting a lot of bumps. Basically its the thing where the hair grows under the skin and creates bumps, and I get them quite often there. Normally I'll check every day to make sure I don't have any hairs growing under the skin, and when I do I attack it with a needle and break the skin allowing the little fricken strand of hair to grow properly. Also, while shaving I tend to bleed a bit. Its only my crotch though, never with my legs or anywhere else. So, anyone else have these problems and found a good solution? I know they sell "anit-bump" shaving gels, but I haven't looked into them and not sure if they will correct the problem I'm having, since the problem is when the hair is growing back in, not while actually shaving.
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  3. kittengrey

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    Thanks subspace. I've been in that thread before but I hadn't noticed the few advice posts about the bumps/ingrowns until I reread it.
    Anyways, you guys can still throw some unsaid advice in here as well.
  4. So are yours ingrowing hairs then? Are they painful when they start growing back?
  5. Sparrow69

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    use baby oil after you shave. if helps to regulate the follicles in the roots, and soften the skin eliminating most irritation and issues with regrowth. also, instead of shaving, perhaps look into nair with aloe, generally available at any pharmacy or general store. just make sure you get the nair that's suitable for bikini areas.
  6. I have the same exact problem and have yet to find a good solution other than just getting a brazillian wax, which works really well, but, can get expensive to do all the time.

    Havent tried this before. I will have to give it a shot. :D

    That stuff doesnt work for shit on me. I could leave it on for a freaking hour and all the hair would still be there... /grumble
  7. master jey

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    what bout after shave oil? :D
    it helps me down there
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    Yeah, unfortunately I have the same problem as MLML, Nair doesn't work for me at all. Well, it does, it just takes a hella long time and only gets half the hairs -.-
    But yeah, its mostly the ingrowns -grumbles- They don't hurt, they're just extremely unattractive and I really don't want Master seeing that. I'll try the baby oil thing, I think I'm also gonna try shaving every other day if not every day to keep up with it, and scrub the area with a scrub brush before shaving just to make sure I get any and all misbehaving hairs
  9. Be careful with Nair, even the bikini area kind. I put it on and it tingled for a minute or so, but then it started BURNING. I obviously got it off post haste, but not before I got a nasty chemical burn on my body. I have really sensitive skin though, I'm allergic to everything >.< probably wouldn't happen to most people
  10. Sparrow69

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    for those of you interested, check out salons that specialize in laser hair removal. I know here in new york city, there's bunches, and to do the bikini area is only 150 dollars. sure it seems kind of steep, but consider how much you spend yearly on bikini waxes and disposable razors and shaving lotion, and you'll see its well worth it. There's a few here in the city that will do your whole body (over a series of a couple visits, for around 500... imagine not having to shave for a whole year......
  11. Yes, laser hair removal. I would love that all over my body :)

    I did look into it once a few years ago, and read that it takes a few sessions, and in the cases of larger areas, was £300-400 a session :(

    I am seriously considering getting a facial version done soon if I can, a half hour session costs about £15.50 if I remember rightly at the salon in town. But would this, regardless of where on the body the treatment was done, be proper permanent, or need redoing every so often? :confused:
  12. kittengrey

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    Master and I looked a little at the laser removal, but I'd rather shave. I like to prepare and groom my body for Master, and the laser removal would kinda take that away from me a little.
  13. Sparrow69

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    Laser hair removal is guaranteed for at least one year, but many say its permanent (or damn well near)
  14. master jey

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    not ideal for males
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    I've tried nair for the bikini area recently~ It didn't sting or anything though I had to keep it on a little longer than it said for the hair to come off at all. I like it very much. a lot easier than shaving (even though it's a bit stinky). I had the same problem with ingrown hairs and bumps and it seemed no matter what I used I still had those issues but Nair worked pretty well for me. Only thing is that it is only for the bikini area and none of those hard-to-reach places. Master likes me fully shaved so the rest I have to do myself D: bleh what a hassle! Maybe I'll look into laser hair removal if Master says it's okay~

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