My sub doesn't like body hair

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    That's basically my problem, she told me she prefers if a guy shaves everything and says body hair is a turn off. My problem is I feel comfortable with my hairy chest, and I feel like shaving it would make me less masculine. Plus I don't wanna deal with the itchy feeling. I suppose I could compromise and do it anyway, but wouldn't that be submitting? I know it's a double standard since I don't like body hair on women either, so that's why I'm stuck because I don't wanna seem unfair. It's just all making me feel insecure and less dominant. Any advice?
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    That's not a compromise, it's doing what she wants. However, it wouldn't be submitting, seeing as I imagine you'd be making that decision outside of your dynamic.

    If it makes you insecure with your body, you shouldn't do it. Compromise by shaving your pubes if you don't already, or whatever area's most likely to make a difference for her. A difference between men and women is also that most women like being shaved, independent of having a partner, so you shouldn't feel unfair for it, unless you're really making her shave and she wouldn't otherwise.

    I can't tell you what to do because I don't know if this is a deal breaker for either of you, or how much you've talked about it or anything. Have you told her it makes you feel insecure and you don't like it, or tried to work on a real compromise? If it is only insecurity, not emasculation or discomfort, I'm sure she can help work on making you feel sexy without, but that doesn't sound like the only issue.
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    Well I just happened to talk to her, and she said as long as I'm not a gorilla it doesn't bother her lol. She's seen me shirtless before and never actually asked me to shave, but I kinda took what she said a little too literally. I'm used to women giving mixed messages or hints, and she's the first person in a while to be completely blunt with me, as it should be in a D/s relationship. So I guess everything is fine and I worried for nothing.
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    Oh yay :)
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    I shave the shaft and balls, and trim the rest so it's neat and tidy. It improves the odds that you'll get a blowjob. ;) Nobody likes flossing with pubic hair.

    If you've never done it before, use a quality double or triple safety razor or else you'll bleed like a stuck hog. Once you get it short, a good electric razor (I like the Seiko CleanCut) will keep it smooth as a baby's ass. Helpful hint: cornstarch works well as a skin lubricant if you're using an electric razor.

    If you've never shaved your balls smooth, TRY IT SOMETIME! It's a totally different sensation that what you're used to. The girls love it.

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