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    i like the idea of being made and trained into someones personal slave and used for their pleasure and amusment by email, as a good slave im happy to follow all orders or step by step instructions given to me, and accept all punishments if i do not follow orders correctly. i am happy to be given orders to follow by email ( photo/video evidence would be sent to show i followed orders correctly), im happy to follow most orders , after all as a slave i dont have any choice. im sure there's someone who would like to have their own personal slave to use and abuse? so get messaging with your thoughts and ideas.i also like the idea of being made to perform humiliating tasks for someones entertainment and amusment,i also like the idea of strapons, forced cum eating, etc so come on lets have some fun, im sure there's someone who would like to make me perform tasks for them whether singles or couples,there must be something you have wanted to try or watch but not had the chance so get messaging with your thoughts,suggestions,fantasys and ideas. as a new slave i would be in need of training but im sure you would prefer someone fresh who you can mould into what you require rather than try and change someone elses slave.
    yours obediantly.
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