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    i would like to be made and trained into someone's personal slave and used for their pleasure and amusement by email, as a good slave I'm happy to follow all orders or step by step instructions given to me, and accept all punishments if i do not follow orders correctly. i am happy to be given orders to follow by email ( photo/video evidence would be sent to show i followed orders correctly), I'm happy to follow all orders regardless of what you may decide to make me do , after all as a slave and your property i would not have any choice. i would like to be made to perform humiliating tasks for your entertainment and amusement, i don't really have many limits other than what you would decide i should have, as a new slave i would be in need of training but I'm sure you would prefer someone fresh who you can mould into what you require rather than try and change someone else's slave. please let me know any information you require from me and hopefully i will hear from you soon. i would be very loyal and obey every order or command you give me, please let me know how i can please and entertain you , i only exist for your pleasure and if you was to choose to reward me i understand it would only be as a reward for being obedient and performing my duties correctly , yours obediently on my knees.
    my email address is: [email protected]

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