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    i am a master of a filthy slut, i am seeking an alpha sub to abuse her and follow my orders to the letter. she is bi sexual and does anything i order her to. we are big on bdsm, particularly Ds and bondage. i am a fair master and am not cruel however i punish appropriately when needed.

    you will be expected to follow my instructions and to abuse my slave as i see fit. you will answer to me and my word is final.

    i enjoy humiliating my slave, privately, i enjoy tying her up and abusing her and i enjoy spanking her as well as other forms of punishment when she is defiant. i like roleplaying and orgasm and toliet control. you would be expected to adhere to my preferences

    you must be a bisexual female sub who is open to new experiences and between the ages of 18-27. size and looks are unimportant.
    i would expect to get to know you and learn more about you online first and you may be given tasks to carry out before you are deemed acceptable.
    if you would like to experiment with us email me at [email protected]
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