Safety Concerns for Using Dog Crates?

Discussion in 'Safety aspects of BDSM' started by Foreverbunny91, Feb 1, 2013.

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    I pretty much figured it would be safe, but I just wanted to ask just in case. I am thinking of getting an XXL wire dog cage for a puppy girl/boy :) I plan on getting on off of Craigslist (and of course HIGHLY disinfecting it) then getting a big doggy bed to put in it. I haven't found my pup, yet, so I guess you could say I'm putting the cage before the puppy! LOL XD I crack myself up.

    So any safety concerns I need to know of? This is the kind of crate I'm thinking of getting if you don't know what I'm talking about. iCrate Single Door Folding Dog Crates-111703
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    If it locks in a way that they cannot unlock it (or you plan on padlocking it), make sure there is a way for them to get out in case of emergency. That's the big one I can think of, though you probably have already.
  3. sebastian

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    Yeah, that would be my major concern as well. I suppose you might have some rough edges on the wires that might need a little buffing down

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    Okay, so try this on for size: Pronged dog collars.

    Despite the delicious thought of the power you'd have at the other end of the leash, isn't that a bad idea? I have seen a Domme who uses them... She's dating my ex-kitty. I'm semi-worried, but it's none of my business... But I am curious as to if this is safe or not.
  5. sebastian

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    With anything designed to be used on dogs or other animals, remember that dogs have a different kind of skin than humans do. Their skin is thicker, covered with fur, and slightly looser than human skin. So things that are safe for animals may not be safe for humans. A pronged collar is probably not safe for humans, because it could easily puncture the skin, whereas it is unlikely to puncture the thicker skin of a dog. Same reason that dog cages might have rough edges.

    Also, remember that a dog's throat is not structured like a human throat. Their windpipe is much more protected from the front than ours are. A dog collar is designed to be pulled on from the back, to restrain the dog's forward movement. If you do that to a collar worn by a human, it will compress against the windpipe and potentially cut off oxygen or damage the windpipe. Human collars can be pulled forward, but should not be pulled backward (fortunately, most human collars don't have a ring on the back--the buckle prevents that). A better option for a human slave would be a chest harness with a ring between the shoulder blades.

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    Ah!! Okay, so I'm starting to think that not caring about your subby's safety is a trend. Maybe I care more because I think of them as kids or pets rather than disposable garbage? I've seen soooo many dangerous shit on Fetlife, it's not even funny!!!

    Hopefully I'm wrong. Maybe this isn't a pronged collar or perhaps she's not using it like that? Here's the picture...

    I've been rigged up a few times where basically, the collar is attached to something where if I pull on it, it pulls back and chokes me a little... So I figured pulling from behind wouldn't hurt a human, but I guess tugging really on someone's throat can be like a punch in the throat- which is an insanely awful experience.
  7. Smallest

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    Some doms don't care. It's not a trend among them, or at least, I wouldn't say that- more of a matter of a few idiots making a show of themselves.

    There is also the concern that some subs have no concern for their own safety, and/or accept the risks of dangerous play like that. It doesn't mean the dom necessarily sucks (though were I a dom, I'd not be willing to play with a sub like that), just that they have an.. unusual arrangement.

    Regarding the pronged collar specifically, either they are playing with fire or have arranged a way for it to be less dangerous- eg wearing over a sturdy choker, or rigging it so the prongs can't properly tighten, just press, or something like that.
  8. RopeRanger

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    The wire kennels I'm familiar with are designed to break down very quickly for storage. Pull the pins at the corners holding it together and it collapses very easy. So they are not really "secure" for humans and can be escaped from easily. The biggest concern I see is trapping wrists in the frame.

    The spiked collar shown is designed to dig deeply when a dog lunges. It's for training against this behavior. You can see that the spikes are cam'ed to press against the throat. In a human they would be very dangerous. I have seen this collar reversed so the spikes stick out

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    Ugh. I will give her the benefit of the doubt... Shut my mouth. It's none of my business.

    Anywho... Thank you to all that contribute;)
  10. shauwn

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    MMMM, love the thought of being caged in a dog kennel :)
  11. sebastian

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    Bunny, I think the number of doms who flat-out don't care about their sub's health and safety is small. I think more common are doms who just don't think deeply enough about a particular toy or method of play to realize that something isn't safe. They don't read about safety. As the saying goes, 'common sense isn't".

    It's also possible that the dom in question is trying to seem harsher than he is. Lots of wannabe doms talk a harsher game than they play.

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    I can't believe you commented on it, Sebby :giggle: She, of course, deleted your comment.

    If someone wants to prove to me that they're big shit, they tell me the last munch they went to or the last time they met Indica Torture. (A local bigshot ProDomme)
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    What did he say? And wow, she deleted it instead of just responding and justifying herself?

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    Smallest, she did both... And I don't know what he said, as I didn't get to see it before she deleted it :(
  15. sebastian

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    I just said prong collars are potentially dangerous because human skin is much thinner than dog skin, so she ought to be careful how she uses it.

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