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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by slutcherry, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. slutcherry

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    I am looking for the opinions of some straight men about something I want to do. I am currently sitting at my desk at work with a nice big rubber dildo shoved in my pussy. It's been in there all day, and I am horny as fuck. Now it feels good and all but I really want to share my naughty secret with someone when I leave work. Unfortunately I don't have a SO or any booty calls. I've been sitting here fantasizing about showing it off to a stranger under my skirt and maybe fucking myself with it in front of one.

    So, any men out there, here's my question. Say I can find a guy out and about in a location where this is feasible. First off, would it turn you on if a stranger did it in front of you? Now I'm also tentative about it because I'm a little heavy (size us 16). Im pretty self conscious about my body but I would really just be lifting up my skirt and showing my clean shaven pussy. What are the odds most men would be turned on by it? Do you think there are a lot of men out there who would find it offensive? I have long fantasized about being fucked in public and doing things in front of/ being fucked by strangers but need to know if im setting myself up for failure.

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    Hi slutcherry,
    Welcome to the forum.

    First of all, forget the issue of size. Most hetero men dislike the fashionable, "walking skeleton" body shapes that Hollywood and the media tend to push on us. Speaking personally I like a women with curves.

    But even that's irrelevant, really. It might sound like a cliche, but men actually do get turned on by a woman who is interesting and full of fun.

    OK, let's consider what you're suggesting. You'd like to find a guy and masturbate in front of him?

    If you were to just do this in front of a complete stranger I would think you'll end up in police custody pretty quickly :)

    Realistically you need to plan ahead with the guy to make this safe for you, and to avoid any risk to your public reputation or criminal record!

    You say you don't have a regular partner or "friend with benefits" at the moment. So the first thing is to find somebody with whom you can share this fantasy. I don't know where you are, so I can't suggest any specific groups, but honestly I think this is the first step - find somebody in a safe and secure manner. Don't just walk into a quiet alleyway with the first guy who doesn't look like he'll call the police!

    The obvious question is "what's in it for him?". Which of the following outcomes are you imagining?

    1. You are doing this as a teasing act, and he would not be allowed to come.

    2. He would be expected to jerk himself off without any help from you.

    3. You would offer him a hand job, blow job, or perhaps even intercourse as a quid pro quo.

    I would suggest that Options 1 and 2 would fall into a category of you acting as a dominant figure. He would either be sexually denied, or would be forced to jerk off in front of you. Both of these are submissive acts from his point of view, and I would suggest you need to consider how you would put on an act of teasing or domination to help fulfil his part of the fantasy.

    In this case you also need to find a submissive guy and discuss this with him. Submissive guys looking for a dominant women are extremely common, and notwithstanding the need for the usual "blind dating" safety measures it should be very easy to find somebody.

    Option 3 is very different. Here you can position your fantasy as part of a normal sexual relationship. Public exhibitionism is a common sexual fantasy for otherwise "normal" couples (there's no such thing as normal, but I hope you know what I mean).

    In all cases you need to be extremely careful not to fall foul of public indecency laws, but otherwise I would say this is a very achievable fantasy.

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    I also thought of another option for you - online exhibitionism.

    You basically find a forum and "do it" in front of a webcam.

    The key thing there is to protect your identity (a mask is the easiest way), but maybe there are folks on this board who can suggest a forum where you can play safely.

    Perhaps the online option would help you out while you're looking for a guy to share this with.

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  4. Roland

    Roland Member

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    Stanley nailed it with everything he said. Remember, we are about safe, sane and consensual. Flashing your pussy to a stranger in an alley is not safe or consensual.
  5. Updowninout

    Updowninout New Member

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    I guess the thrill of public exhibitionism is heightened by risk. My fellow gents have offered some wisdom concerning this. We all appreciate where you'd like to go, but wouldn't want to hear about your fun in the papers. How's this for an alternative...

    1. Take some digital photos of what you are suggesting. For security, make sure nothing identifiable is in the shot. Photoshop out anything you don't want shown.
    2. Offer to post/email the jpg/mp4 but only to those who (random example) first send you a jpg/mp4 of their package covered with clothespins.
    3. When you get responses, if they didn't do enough, reply for them to try again (give instructions)
    4. When you are satisfied, send your jpg/mp4
    Result: Quasi public exposure with a spicy twist.

  6. MrWolfgang

    MrWolfgang Member

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    I agree with the others here. Not worth getting arrested for have a getting arrested fetish. :) Its just so hard to gauge who would be open enough to accept what you want to do with the results you want. Just cause a guy looks like he may be a pervert doesnt mean hes a pervert. Hell, he could be covered in tattoos and be a youth pastor at your local church. Ya never know. Or worst case off duty officer.
    Anyhow, the online or cam to cam would probally get you by. It can be really exciting as well. I wouldent suggest chatroullete or omegle just due to the number of minors on there. But, finding one suited to what you want to do shouldent be a problem. Plus, that route has the added benifit of once your done your done. No strings and no unwanted advances. I would certainly volenteer to watch ya. :D
    Best thing to do if online caming isint interesting, in my opinion, is get yourself a partner in crime to go with you and watch you do what you do. That way you have consent and dont put others in awkward prediciments without consent.

    Sorry for basically just repeating what Stanley said. It early. Im not real bright in the mornings. Heh.

    Either way....have fun, be careful, and best of luck.
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  7. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

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    Even if she were into getting arrested, that would still mean she was okay with disgusting/traumatizing someone to get there, or the possiblility of getting raped and the problems with that (STDs, pregnancy, etc).
  8. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    Yeah, I have to agree. While it could work out and be enjoyable for you, it could go horribly wrong and get you in a lot of trouble. And that's even ignoring the fact that you'd be violating the right of consent. Cam play is a good option for you. Going to a sex club, if you're in or near a big city, is another option.

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