True story (first)

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    "Be gentle..." I moan quietly as I feel you press your body to me, you slam me to the wall forcefully. You look down at me, before leaning and kissing my neck, your hard cock now pushing against my stomach through your pants. You see me blush as you slowly grind your hips against me, smiling as you did so. I exhale deeply as you resume kissing my neck, tasting me; before I yelp as you slam your hand next to my ear. I lower myself down a bit as I see you grin. Your cock tenses as you slowly wrap your hand around my neck, squeezing it so any extra air I had was pushed out, you give me just enough room to breathe correctly. I look away from you as you stare at me, still grinding me slowly. I feel your hands did their position and get a better grip on my neck. You use your thumb to direct my face so that I'm looking at you. As my eyes are fixed on yours I hear the faint sound of your pants unzipping. You slowly pull out your cock, stroking it slowly as it pulses in your hand. I feel you start to push me to the floor. "No..please..." I beg, to which you respond "lube it. Lube your masters cock." You smile as my weak attempts at fighting back are no match for you, you quickly push me down.

    You let out a satisfied sigh as you guide my head to your huge cock. At first I move back, refusing to put it in my mouth. You snort got air as you look down at me in a devilish way. You begin to slowly force my head slowly towards your throbbing member, you smile as you feel my weak attempts at getting away fail almost immediately. "Please your master..... Suck my fat cock you tiny bitch.." I finally give in as you quickly shove It into me, I gasp as I feel you start to move you hips, eAch thrust you bring your dick closer to my throat, a moan escapes you as you force my head in. I can feel it pulse and throb with my tounge as I suck on it, every now and then it would tense. You moan louder now, looking down at me as you move your hips stronger now. I gag quietly as I look up at you "not over yet you tiny slave.." My eyes widen, asking you "what do you mean?!" You smile as you close your eyes again, lifting your head back. Your hard dock tenses again as I roll my tongue over it, you shiver with pleasure, I feel your grip on my hair tighten. "Your master is going to cum.." I shiver in excitement, you smile down at me before shoving my head back down and you thrust harder. I feel your pulsing cock ram the back of my throat as it overwhelms me, I gag again. "Mmm yes...yes.. Good girl.." I hear you moan loudly as you tip your head back, you hold mine in place as you fuck me. "Thats a good pet.." I feel your hard dick pulse faster as it begins to tense more and more often with each second. I lift my eyes up to you, asking for you not to cum. You moan more as you hold my head tighter now, lookin down at me. "Beg... Beg for me not to cum you tiny slut..." My eyes curve up more as I plead with you, to do anything but that. You grin in almost an evil way. "Mmmm... Too late... I'm gonna cum... You can't stop me.." I roll my tounge around your cock before you say to me. "Swallow it." My eyebrows curve up "all of it. do you not want to give pleasure to your master..?" I shiver as I feel your huge hard throbbing cock tense, before you let out a moan, i panic a little as i try to escape it, but youre hands hold me still. i manage to form fee words as i beg you, "no.. Master....please.." but it by then even I knew it was too, i feel your wet warm cum coat my throat. I cringe a little as the taste, but it was better than expected. As I am beginning to pull away, I feel you push me back. You look down at me and say menicingly "swallow it. Now." I twitch my head as I lower my eyes in submission "do it now, or expect more. Your choice." I quickly back out a little, as much as you would allow me and swallow your cum, you moan lightly as you feel it leave you. "Good girl.." You moan as you open your eyes.

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