Panty Play

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    I feel the tug of the leash as my mouth takes you one last time deep into my throat.
    The pull at my neck lets me know that you are about to cum.
    The pull means I better stop worshiping your cock or there will be unpleasant consequences.
    It is so hard for me to leave your cock.
    One more pull to the leash, harder this time, I let my collar lead me.
    I end at your lips.
    We kiss like its the last kiss on earth and I hear, "keep going babydoll...."
    My hips begin to move.
    The deep moan from your throat tells me you are more than pleased with the wetness of my panties as they slide against your straining cock.
    I move faster against you desperate for your release, needing what comes next.
    Your arms wrap tight around my waist keeping me tight against your cock as your cum mixes with my own wetness.
    A few deep breaths before you carefully roll me onto my back.
    You take a finger and delicately run it up my soaked panties as my pussy clinches from the touch and my breath hitches.
    I look deep into your eyes and cant stop the little smile the moves across my face.
    Your finger greets my lips.
    My tongue reaches out and sucks your finger clean.
    "More please......."

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