20 Questions

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    20 Questions

    Today, my mind wanders in class. Instead of thinking about population genetics, I find my self fantasizing about asking you questions, and forcing you to answer them. Would you? Would I ever dare?

    What does it feel like when I scrape my teeth down the side of your neck? Will you catch your breath – shiver – moan? What shall I do next? Whisper softly in your ear? Run my fingers through the hair at the base of your skull? Shall I caress the nape of your neck? I want to make you beg me to never stop . . .

    What does it feel like when I slowly pull your zipper down over the hard length of your cock? Is it erotic? If I pull the zipper back up, then down, then up, then down, will you be aching for me to do it again? Or should I replace the feel of the zipper's teeth with the heat of my fingers?

    I've never been all that interested in the taste of cock before, but now I want to feel you on my tongue, to taste you, to touch you in ways I never have before. How will I know what you like? Will you thrust your hips at me hard when I touch my tongue to a particularly sensitive spot? Or will you gasp or moan or say breathlessly "that's good, don't stop." How long do I suck you? Would you rather come in my mouth or my hand or . . . just IN me – hard?

    How will you touch me? What I like best is for you to very gently, teasingly caress me. Touch my thighs, pull gently on the hair on the lips of my pussy, run your fingers up and over my mons. I want to feel like only if I beg will you touch me more firmly – not hard - but with an increased pressure I can move my hips against. Take me to the edge of climax, then pull me back. Do it again. I want my mind to be overwhelmed by the feelings you pull from my body. I want to scream with passion, begging, pleading, and to explode when you finally slam yourself into me.

    How ironic that dominance should be a topic of discussion in class today. I know that the subject matter is addressing the dominance of a gene, but my mind gently turns the idea of sexual dominance like rich, fresh dirt . . .

    I wonder what it would be like if you were completely dominant – for a day. A steady diet of dominance and submission would pall, I think, but I find this idea of submitting to you for a day to be incredibly erotic. Would you bind me to the bed, caress me, tease me, pleasure me to the point of pain? Or would you selfishly pleasure yourself at my expense and leave me helpless and unfulfilled? Do you have darker desires? Do you wonder what it would be like to turn me over your knee and spank me until my ass is red and tender? Would you then lie back and pull me down over your hard cock, forcing me to move against you as you fill your hands with my tender, sore cheeks?

    And what would I do to you were our positions reversed? I would love to have your body at my mercy. How long could you stand me gently tracing the length of your thighs if I never once grasped your cock firmly in my hand or pulled you into my mouth? Would you beg me to touch you, to fuck you? Darling, what would you do if I gagged you?

    I have another fantasy that can take me from nothing to sheer and total breathless arousal in just seconds. I can become so hot and wet that I blush in embarrassment - what if someone figures out what I am thinking? Has anyone heard me catch my breath? Can they feel the heat I know my body is giving off? Would I ever tell you? Maybe I'll tell you my fantasy if you tell me yours. Do you trust me? Do I trust you? Can we fulfill each other's fantasies? God, I want to touch you and to taste you and to feel your hands on me. I want to be crushed into my bed by the weight of your body on mine.
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