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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by MistressAmy, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. MistressAmy

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    I am a new Mistress that has my first male sub/slave and he lives a few hours away. he does plan on coming to visit me every couple of weeks but I also want to control him on a daily basis. he does have a job so I have agreed to work around that. Some of the things I have already started are for him to email me every morning with what his day is going to consist of and then an email at night with what he ended up doing during the day...I am trying to come up with different daily and weekly tasks for him to perform for me and haven't had a lot of luck finding some good websites with good ideas. so I am hoping I could get some good ideas here. Thanks for the ideas in advance
  2. EG1984

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    I found that assigning tasks for their own sake is not satisfying and gets very tedious both for the slave and for the master (mistress in your case of course), my suggestion is to try think about things you actually want him to do, things you think he should do, things for him to change in his life cause you think he can do better as a slave and as a person.
    The point is, try to make it so the tasks are meaningful.
  3. MistressAmy

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    Thank you

    Thank you for the advice...I hadn't thought of it like that but makes a lot of sense and I will remember it as I come up with the different tasks...any other advice any other Mistress's have or any online slaves want to give me things that their Mistresses have given them would be very appreciated.
  4. sebastian

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    I entirely agree with EG on this. Giving a slave make-work isn't very satisfying, and reduces slavery to a game. Find things you genuinely want him doing, either because they are what you think he should be doing for himself or because those tasks make your life better in some fashion.
  5. SolanoSub

    SolanoSub New Member

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    always keep in's all about You. what pleases and amuses You is all that matters.
  6. Jaguar

    Jaguar New Member

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    You see, I disagree.

    It may be a top-bottom relationship, however if everything works both ways. Now if the sub enjoys pleasing you in certain ways, then that's working right. But I think that what Solano has said borders on a mindset that could lead you to have your sub push all your buttons, but none of his, which would quickly lead to a downward spiral before an inevitable end.

    Remember, tasks are good, but they can't be the entire relationship - it's his responsibility to please you, but it's also partly your responsibility to know that he's enjoying the relationship as much as you are.

    The internet can be limiting I know, but there's more than just tasks that you can do with him. Perhaps for some ideas with things you can do with him without physically being there, you could take a look at the T&D based site - it has a "webteases" section with user uploaded interactive "sessions" - something maybe you can draw inspiration from and perhaps give you some ideas if it were to be you instead of the "tease".
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