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  1. SilenceMyPet

    SilenceMyPet New Member

    I am looking for tasks for my slave to do during the day, however I am pretty new to at this and I am looking for some ideas on chores/tasks for her to do.
  2. ReallyGreen

    ReallyGreen Member

    scrub bathroom & kitchen floor with a rag while naked (wearing only a collar). Use cellphone to take a picture and ensure daily naked cleaning is done. If you enjoy putting the fear of God into the slave tell them that while they are cleaning they must answer the door naked if anyone rings the bell. Then surprise her by showing-up unannounced just to be sure she's following the rules.

    * Theres no such thing as "too clean"
    * Slave develops a healthy respect for cleaning efficiently so she finishes faster and doesn't have to fear the doorbell.
    * Contains no S&M, can be enjoyed be even non-painsluts.
  3. ReallyGreen

    ReallyGreen Member

    On later thought perhaps a webcam(s) in the slave's house/apartment that you can access via cellphone to keep track of things.
  4. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    Another classic task is sending the slave to purchase something humiliating at a store. I had my slave go to a pet store and try on dog collars until he found one that fit properly. I specified that before he could buy it he had to try the collar on all the way (buckling it) to make sure the collar fit well but not too tightly. Male slaves can easily be sent to shop in the women's section; perhaps a female slave might be ordered to browse plus-size clothing or ordered to purchase a baggy t-shirt or sweatshirt that has an undignified logo (like cute puppies or pokemon). Then make her wear it whenever she goes to the grocery store or runs errands.
  5. kittengrey

    kittengrey Member

    I love how you guys are going straight for the humiliation routes. I know its a good way to train your sub and see how loyal s/he is, but humiliation isn't the only way to go. Master used to make me write papers on why I want to serve him, how I want to serve him, how I want him to dominant me, and things like that. Not only is this a good way for you to get insight on how your sub/slave feels, but it also helps the sub.slave get more in-touch with their inner submission.
  6. YoungOne

    YoungOne New Member

    I thought about telling the girl to go buy specific porn objects on places where she might be seen, or something alike. She could be told to go out with specific clothes that she would be ashamed of. I don't know, there are a thousand possibilities.
  7. GreyMac

    GreyMac Member

    In my expereince, women are not as fond of humiliation (especially public humilation) as submissive men are. Not to say that no women enjoy it, some certainly do (and good for them) but most submissive women like their Dominant Male to be just that; Dominant and masculine.

    I am not advocating communicating via grunts and unrelenting agression either, just caring mixed with strictness. Stern and loving.

    Tasks are excellent and can be as simple as the same thing done at the same time every day. Private tasks that make them think of their Dom constantly. Tasks that require planning or memory work well for women. Again, I'm generalizing, so any subbie women on this forum may feel free to add to this or clarify.

    Does your sub usually wear Thong panties? Go with her and make her buy some plain white granny panties. (Also, Wearing thongs is a great task for women who do NOT usually wear them!!) Tell her to wear them every Monday (or the 6th of every month, or whatever). Make up the rules, make sure she knows the rules - then stick to them. She didn't wear her special panties this Monday? That calls for a disicipline. (milder at first, then progressivly more stern with repeted offenses.) Follow up and make sure they're worn next monday. No wiggle room or excuses allowed. What Disciplines? Make her come up with those. Don't hesitate to discard the ones you don't like. Have her come up with more.

    She should also have a loyalty oath, pledge or mantra that she recites at regular intervals, such as every night before bed, for example. (Or every morning before she can have her coffee or tea) You can google this mantra, write one, or make her write her own.

    Listen to what she says when you just talk, use that in assigning her tasks.

    It's not all Jedi mind tricks, a subbie doing the vacuuming nude while wearing an insertable dildo or butt plug is a VERY good way to stay at the forefront of her mind, too.

    And it might make the UPS guy's day :)
  8. subspace

    subspace Member

    My coffee has so much more meaning to me now! :D

    Or while wearing Smart balls. ;)

  9. Have your sub/slave shower a certain number of times or at a certain time. I once had a Dom that made me shower three times a day, it didn't take long for me to realize that the shower wasnt to clean myself but to take care of his property. Plus, the whole time I was showering I felt like he was with me.

    I also like slightly embarrassing tasks, maybe making theme run errands with their collar on. Make them put in a plug everytime they want to use the computer. Get creative! Remember, it's often not about the task but the way they feel while doing it. It doesn't matter if it sounds silly, they are doing it to please you which pleases them. Good luck!
  10. ashton21

    ashton21 New Member

    my sub drinks her coffee with "extra" cream in it, same with her cereal
  11. Feel_the_sensation

    Feel_the_sensation New Member

    I agree with GreyMac. For tasks with a female sub, humiliation generally isn't the best. Of course you have to know your sub since for some that will work.

    It's all about making them feel that they are a part of you and you value them enough to give them tasks so they feel you are there with them.

    I always strive for meaningful tasks but with a distinct D/s undertone. But more important than the task is what you do about it. Always verify successful completion and express pleasure or give a reward for successful completion. And dole out punishment or discipline when incomplete. Sometimes that's difficult especially when things become more repetetive. So I did sometimes give her some clearly D/s tasks. I had made a paddle out of ebony, complete with holes and one of her tasks was to wax it with a good furniture wax for example.

    Tasks, however, have a limited duration. Some things aren't tasks per se. My sub always had to NOT wear panties except at that time of month. It was one of those constant reminder things.
  12. sillylittlepet

    sillylittlepet Active Member

    As my master and I were reading this, we both realized that I'm currently wearing a sweater with schnauzers puppies on it.

    Sometimes I'll be told not to wear panties or a bra, or to wear my apron under normal clothes while I do normal things like like going to class or studying or going downtown. Then he'll send me... suggestive texts so that I'm constantly reminded of A. how excited I am and B. who I belong to.
  13. Tarynsslave

    Tarynsslave Member

    Yes I agree that using a butt plug on a submissive can be very effective. (Speaking from personal experience).

    Maybe require your sub to go to work plugged as an occasional punishment. Or any time she's in public with you. If you use a butt plug harness, you can enjoy knowing that the butt plug won't be going anywhere until you unlock the harness. (One of Mistress Taryn's favorite humiliation/discipline activities)

    Make her text/email you throughout the day at frequent intervals. Just to say hi and check in with You.

    Dress her in the morning by choosing which clothes she'll wear.

    Keep her naked while alone with you at your residence

    Make her address you with a proper title "Master", etc. and gag her if she forgets to do so.

    Sky's the limit! Have fun!
  14. Dom-me

    Dom-me New Member

    My Angel is currently getting me to write her stories based on a specific theme that involve her and I. The tasks come at random and some have a time limit so I need to think clearly and precisely about the story and what her and I would do in the story. Writing isn't for everyone but I love it and my Angel likes my writing so it pleases us both. If she has a talent that you get enjoyment out of, use it like my Angel is with me.

    I like the idea of repetitive things to keep her reminded of u... Sound very sweet and can be a lot of fun!
  15. Hopehavoc

    Hopehavoc Member

    What about pain tasks? I have a sub who feels the "need" to endure physical pain as part of, at least some, of her tasks and she gets great enjoyment out of being brought to tears doing some type of painful task that pleases her Princess Jen (that's me) and Mistress An (that's my partner). Trouble is that I don't know what kind of pain tasks to ask her to do....I'm not into pain so I can't really relate and I don't know what would work or not be such a good idea. She's f*cked a baseball bat, if that gives some kind of reference....

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