"Off The Chain"

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    â€Off The Chain†is a new Femdom novel by Candace Smith. Here’s an extract:

    Sam’s eyes gradually adjusted and cleared, and he found himself lying in the middle of a cement block cell. There was a heavy metal door across from him, and from his restrained position he saw chains hanging from a pulley and a track in the ceiling. He recognized the clanging sound he had heard earlier, as the chain swung slightly in the breeze from the air conditioning vent that seemed to be blowing full force.

    There was a metal table against one wall and some tall cabinets on the wall behind him. When he stretched his neck to look behind him the collar held him fixed, allowing him to move just enough for a glimpse of the tops of them. The wall to the right had bolts embedded into the concrete blocks, and a drain in the floor. He thought he could just see part of the coil of a hose in the corner over his head. The lighting above him was recessed with heavy metal protective grills, and the fluorescent buzzing seemed magnified and timed with the throbbing of his headache. Sam realized he had probably been drugged.

    He finally heard the door being opened with the compressed hiss of an airlock, and he forced himself to try to gather the air of authority he was accustomed to. I’ll be damned if I’m lying naked and chained to a floor… someone is going to pay dearly for this fucked up situation. A tall woman with a shoulder length jet black bob and jade green eyes walked in, with another woman trailing her.

    “Where the hell am I?†Samuel’s blue eyes pierced the woman to throw her off balance, and hopefully offset his pitiful, hoarse voice.

    “Hush now, Sam, you have a visitor,†the woman purred. Sam felt his skin prickle into goosebumps, and his sack drew up protectively in an instinctive response as his subconscious kicked in and recognized a dangerous predator.

    The woman who had previously remained hidden behind her, walked forward and smiled down at him. “Hi, Sammy.â€

    Dear god… it’s Julie from the office.

    “Hey, like I’m real sorry and stuff, but, like, I have to quit working for you.†She gave one last forced giggle, and then the pretty blue eyes narrowed. Her voice lost the childish quality that he had found so cute, and she rested the toe of her shoe on his balls. “Because, Sam, when you make it to Section Five… if you make it to Section Five… you’ll be working for me.†She kissed the tip of a finger and bent down to brush it across his lips, pressing hard on his testicles in the process. “Until then…†She smiled at the other woman and walked back through the door.

    Sam had been so shocked that he had not said a word the whole time Julie had been in the room. He looked up at the other woman, and in his hoarse voice he demanded, “Where the hell am I? Let me talk to the man in charge.â€

    The woman clenched her jaw at his insult, and she turned to the cabinet and keyed some numbers into the pad. Sam studied the lithe figure with the slim waist and hips in the black spandex pants and tight sweater. When she opened the door to remove a few things, he could see muscles tightening along her torso and arms. The woman was obviously very strong.

    She silently knelt beside him, and he tried to turn his head when her fingers reached for the front of the collar. “I had them take this off you, because you just would not shut up when they brought you in, and you may eventually need to speak.†She slipped a disc into the front of the collar where it contacted his throat, and she pushed a button on a remote and placed it onto a lower shelf of the metal table. “As I told you before, Mr. Sturgis, you are in Section Nine, Training Room Three. There is no need for you to speak until you are requested to respond when you reach Section Eight.â€

    “Fuck you, bitch…†the shock was painful and quick, and Sam realized that this must have been what had caused the injury to his throat, though he remembered nothing about arriving here.

    She was kneeling beside him and sat back on her heels, waiting for the shuddering to subside so she could be absolutely sure she had his attention. She stared into the blue eyes and patiently waited for the chiseled jaw to unclench. When the eyes cleared and glittered with a confused, seething hate, she continued, “You are in Section Nine, Sam. This is the orientation Section, where you will receive a mild introduction of how very much your life has been altered. Now, you’re a smart guy, a lawyer and all… even though daddy did have to pull a few favors for that third try at the Bar Exam… so, I’m sure that you have figured out you are in for some dramatic changes. I’m afraid Harriet has finally reached her limit of nights alone while you run around with every little twenty year old short skirt you can dig your fingers under.†She watched his eyes widen at his wife’s name, and she knew he realized this was not a ransom attempt.

    “No, you won’t be seeing your wife, so you can get thoughts of manipulating her with pleading and promises out of your head, Sam. By the time wives come to me, they’re over their men, and all they want is the finances they’ve earned from years of neglect.†The woman’s red lacquered nail ran from his sternum to the trail of dark hair leading from his naval to his groin, and he shivered.

    “All you need to concentrate on is what your trainers teach you. Just think, Sam,†she smiled, “no more late nights at the office, or boring weekend seminars, or tedious depositions… no more of any of the bullshit excuses you gave your wife so you could rendezvous with some young woman who probably believed your lies as much as you thought Harriet had.â€

    The man watched her warily. “I am the Director, Sam, and it is never a pleasure to see me.†She reached down and gripped his flaccid cock, and she squeezed and twisted it until he shrieked, and the painful shocks jolted through his throat.

    Just as the pain subsided enough for him to rapidly blink back his angry tears, the door swished open again and a tall, well built red head walked in. Sam had a fleeting thought that she was gorgeous, and his injured cock jerked slightly.

    “Sam, this is Andrea, and she will be your trainer through orientation and Section Nine. She’s our best… and I know you always demand the best, Sam.†The Director rose and was still chuckling as she exited through the swooshing door.

    Sam glared at Andrea while she studied a clipboard. She wore a short black skirt with a black sweater like the Director’s, and it showed off a bountiful chest and deep cleavage with a thin gold chain and a dangling charm that read ‘Sevals’ in the embedded diamonds. He remembered Julie with the same necklace. There were flat, black, rubber soled shoes on her feet and she wore no stockings. He jerked when she said, “Right. Okay, let’s get you cleaned up and measured so we can see what we’re working with.â€

    Sam watched her walk over to the overhead chain. She pulled it down and across the space to one of his arms, and then hooked it onto a ring in the cuff and released his wrist from the floor. When she tried to swing it over to his other arm, he tossed it forward, barely missing her cheek with the chain. Her blue eyes narrowed. “Sam, that’s not a good way for us to start out.†She reached into the pocket of the skirt and pulled out a thin wand. At first, Sam thought it was another pen, until she stuck it into the soft flesh beneath his balls and he felt a horrible electric current that made his sack tighten and his hips thrust frantically.

    “Stop… oh… oh,†he bit his bottom lip to keep the dual current from jarring his throat. For three agonizing seconds she kept the rod against him, and he felt jerky phantom shocks when it was removed.

    “Okay,†she smiled, “let’s give this another try, shall we?†Sam lay still, seething in outrage but glancing uneasily at the treacherous wand she had placed between her teeth, keeping it in sight as a warning while she swung the chain to hook his other wrist. She walked to the cabinet and returned with a heavy metal bar and placed it between his legs, and he felt his ankles being secured to the ends. Only then did she put the wand back in her pocket and reach under his collar to unhook it from the bolt in the floor.
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    Standing next to the wall and the cabinet, Andrea pushed a switch and the chain attached to his wrists began to rise. As it recoiled back into the ceiling in the center of the room, his ass dragged across the cement causing him to try to lift his hips to keep his balls from scraping while his spread ankles turned with him. He was slowly raised off the floor until he was hanging six inches above the concrete, with the weight of his body and the metal bar dragging him down. His shoulders were straining in protest at the unaccustomed burden, and he grimaced to keep from crying out.

    Andrea reached for the other end of the chain and hooked it onto a bolt in the center of the spreader bar. Sam felt a wave of nausea as Andrea pulled the chain back on a track, and his legs rose into the air behind him until he was lying perpendicular, facing the floor and about three feet off the concrete surface. She lowered his arms another foot so that his legs were higher than his shoulders.

    The frustration of not being able to scream at her because of the shocking metal disc in the collar angered him, and she smiled at the seething looks he gave her. Sam had to bend his neck back to try to look for her as she continued to silently walk back and forth to the cabinet and arrange things on a table. He could not see what she was organizing, and she left her collection to walk behind him.

    When she came back into view, she had the hose in her hand and Sam tried to rattle the chains holding him. With his arms stretched over and behind his head, it was a minimal effort and not the loud outburst he had hoped for. Her back was to him, but by the movements of her arms he could tell she was twisting on a nozzle. He became infuriated at the thought that the red headed bitch was going to hose him down like a dog.

    He narrowed his eyes and set his jaw in his most intimidating expression, which he knew was difficult to pull off while he was hanging naked, but he glared at her anyway when she turned around. At least, until he saw what she held in her hands. The menacing scowl slowly slipped off his face and his eyes opened wide while he frantically shook his head in terrified panic.

    Andrea stood in front of him, stroking a finger up and down the length of the nozzle. “I love working Section Nine,†she said. “I get the first opportunity to watch all the delightful expressions of self-righteous bastards like you while you begin to understand just what your new lifestyle involves.†She dipped two fingers in some lubricant and ran it up and down the shaft of the phallus-shaped nozzle. “We need to get you cleaned out, Sam, so you’ll be ready to begin your training.â€

    Sam continued to shake his head, and he managed to get the chains to make a little noise with his adrenaline pumped movements. He watched her walk behind him, ignoring the pleading in his eyes. She ducked under the bar spreading his ankles and he moaned, causing the collar to emit a warning current. Slender fingers spread his cheeks and he felt the cool lube pressed against him. The bulbous head of the nozzle began to spread his hole and he whimpered, a sound he did not know he was capable of making.

    “Relax that tight ass of yours, Sam, and this will go much easier.†She kept pressing, and he knew it was barely the tip of the device that was already causing him to feel as though it was ripping him apart. She gave a shove, and the head popped in with two inches of shaft.

    Sam screamed, and felt the current jolt through his throat, causing him to scream again. He emitted a series of screams and curses until he could barely rasp a sound. His ass clenched and flexed around the intruder, and he hung his head and moaned. Cold water began to fill inside him and he tried to shriek again, but it came out as a half uttered sound, and cracked.

    “We’ll see how we do with one cleaning, although usually the first time it takes two or three. The head of the nozzle is filled with liquid soap, so you might get a little uncomfortable, Sam.â€

    The water was shut off and he squeezed his eyes tightly closed while his ass muscles strained as he reflexively clenched. He silently counted, waiting for her to remove the painful device and let him expel the fluid cramping his bowels. Instead, she held it in place with one hand and stroked his testicle sack with the other. The odd sensations of excruciating pain combined with an act of arousal frustrated him further, and he managed a low wail that earned his throat another shock.

    “Easy boy, just a few more minutes.†The hand caressing his sack moved to his shaft and it twitched in soft response. “Not a bad package on you, Sam. I’ve certainly had to work with less. And you’re lucky; you don’t get displayed until tomorrow night. It’s tough when I have to hurry through the presentation prep.â€

    Display? Display for whom? Sam gasped when he felt the rod being removed. It was almost as painful as when she had shoved it into him. She ducked under his leg just before it popped out, and he felt the water forcefully blast out of him.

    Once more her fingers stretched his hole, and he silently sobbed in angry humiliation, as the procedure was repeated two more times until she was satisfied. She removed the nozzle and tossed it into a bucket. Sam felt his legs being lowered, and water continued to run down his leg. “We’ll just let you drain out for a minute before we continue.â€

    She picked up a clipboard and wrote some numbers, indicating the size of the nozzle and that there was no tearing or tinge of blood, and that he was ready for an average sized dildo. Andrea picked up the hose and sprayed him with the frigid water, and then she hit a button on the side of the hose and a sudsy film washed over him. He barely had time to close his eyes, and was shivering by the time he was rinsed.

    Andrea wrote on the clipboard that he managed to stay silent through the washing and that he displayed an arousing amount of anger through her procedure. All the little questions and answers on the form would be looked at by the psychologist and doctor, and the Director would write up the initial assessment for the presentation brochure. Clients wanted different results for their prospective males. Some wanted them completely broken and submissive; others preferred a male who would follow their orders but displayed a certain amount of masculine anger and humiliation. Either type of modification could be produced from most males, depending on the method of psychological and physical training that was applied.

    Along with slowly breaking him in so that he understood his situation, Andrea had to make sure he did not get so hysterical that he no longer accepted the training. Once she finished with him in orientation, his mind should be conditioned to a point that he would understand he was powerless and his only option was to reluctantly comply with their demands.

    With punishment and constant training, as he worked his way around the training hub and through the other Sections, his psyche would be altered, and ultimately the former playboy demanding executive would be the perfect submissive male for some lucky Mistress.

    He was almost dry, and she took a towel to wipe his cock and the shriveled sack underneath. She snapped on a pair of latex gloves and scooped some cream from a jar. When it was first spread at the base of his shaft, on his balls, and around the crease of his ass, it was cool. Within a minute it was burning, and he began to thrust his hips.

    Andrea sat in a chair and worked on her report, occasionally looking up at the clock. The depilatory needed ten minutes and would be applied again in the morning, and then whatever grew back would be lasered. After the presentation, she would do his face. Cold water blasted the cream off and she dried him again.

    While her back was turned to him and she prepared her next implement, she smiled at the sound of him trying to struggle and announce his displeasure with the rattle of the heavy chains. She turned to face him with a look of seductive sweetness, and she held up the device. Sam looked uneasily at the curved probe with the wire running out of it. “So, what did you do, Sam? Were you a drinker? Stingy? A beater? Cheater?†Andrea saw him wince. “Ah, a cheater. A pretty boy like you, I thought so.â€

    She walked behind him, and he whimpered slightly when her fingers once more explored his ass. “Well, pretty boy, let’s see what all the fuss is about that has the sweet young things going for you.â€


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