"Slavegirl in Training"

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    Another bondage, pain and submission book from John Savage that I've recently finished editing and publishing: "Slavegirl in Training".

    An extract:

    There was no warm and comforting sunlight to welcome Tanya to a new day. She slowly became aware of sounds coming faintly through the stones of the wall she was leaning against. A shiver made her whole body tremble as she felt the relentless steel shackles on her wrists, ankles and neck, and remembered where she was and what had happened. Shivering from the cold as well as depression, she moved on the bench and was rewarded with a fresh stab of pain from her battered bottom. There was a very faint hint of light over in the direction of the door. Tanya moaned, the damp, dreary and totally uncomfortable night filled with far too little sleep and terrible dreams, had left her feeling miserable.

    Someone came into the room and hope, however baseless, flared within her heart. Electric lights sprang into life, blinding her for a few moments. She had not seen the electric lights in the shadows of the ceiling.

    “Surprised? You didn’t think that we lit the dungeon with torches only?â€

    This man was dressed in a gray uniform, but with no rank, name tag or other indications that it belonged to any military unit. “Gunther likes to make a dramatic first impression on our new slavegirls,†he continued in a cheerful tone. “Bet you were scared.â€

    Tanya said nothing. She wanted to ask what was going to happen to her, but feared to hear the answer.

    “Suppose you’re wondering what’s going to happen to you,†he said as he approached the cell wherein she sat. “That’s usually the first question. Well, I can tell this: it will hurt.â€

    “The man last night,†she began. “He said I was a ... a slave.†The word did not come easily. “Please tell me he was just... Being dramatic. Like that Gunther.â€

    “You mean the Minister? Sweetie, that was the Minister of the Secret Police. And he was telling you the truth. You are a slavegirl now. And will be the rest of your life.â€

    “I do not understand.â€

    “Sweetie, them that has the money can have any kind of toys they want. Eric’s little hobby of having naked and chained slavegirls in his dungeon is well known, but no one dares say a word against him. Might find the Secret Police knocking on their doors in the middle of the night. I’m sure you get my drift.â€

    She did. The Secret Police were greatly feared throughout the land, even in the farming areas where they seldom came.

    “What will happen to me?â€

    The man sat on the edge of a rack and pursed his lips. “Well, sweetie, you know that men like to screw girls. And they like to whip them and hurt them. It’s only natural. And they like their women to be submissive and obedient and sexy. So you’ll be trained to be all those things for the Master.â€

    “I’ll be good. I’ll obey,†Tanya said sincerely. Anything to avoid the pain like last night.

    “I’m afraid it won’t be that easy. Being a proper slavegirl is more than just doing as you’re told. It’s a state of mind. But you’ll find out more about that as you go. Right now, it’s time for your breakfast.â€

    The thought of food and an easement of her restraints sounded very good to the naked woman. She was glad when he opened the door to her cell and unlocked the collar chain from the wall. Then he knelt down and unlocked her ankles. But he did nothing about the handcuffs joining her wrists behind her.

    Using the chain to her collar as a leash, he led her out of the dungeon and to another room on the same level. It was windowless and cold and bare, a cheerless room of stone equipped with a small table and a bench. Tanya was told to sit down, then her chain was locked to a ring set in the end of the table. The man left.

    Tanya looked at the walls, all of dull gray, rough cut stone and depressing, then tested the table. It was either bolted or the legs set in the floor for it was quite solid. Her bottom was very sore as it pressed against the cold metal seat, but she did not try to stand. After a few minutes, the man in gray came back to set before her a bowl of some tan substance. It looked like gruel and probably was. Next to that he set a bowl of water.

    “Breakfast, sweetie. Better eat up. Got to keep your strength up.â€

    “How am I suppose to eat with my hands behind me?†she asked.

    His grunt told her that it was her problem. Then he walked out.

    The pasty stuff was almost tasteless as she licked it up with her tongue. But she was hungry and finished the whole bowl, making her face rather messy in the progress. She also sucked up the water.

    When the man came back, he brought a rag that he used to wipe her face clean. Then he surprised her by pulling out a comb and beginning to work the tangles out of her long hair. With a gentleness she found strange for that place, he combed out her long tresses until her hair no longer reflected the unpleasant abuse she had undergone.

    “What is your name?†she asked him.

    “You can call me Randle, because it’s my name. But if the Master is around, you’d best call me ‘Sir’.†When he was finished, she thanked him. “You shouldn’t do that,†he advised. “Because very soon I’ll be causing you more pain than you would believe.â€

    “They why were you so gentle with my hair?â€

    “Don’t see any reason to hurt you more than I have to. Besides, I like long hair like yours. You’re very pretty. I’d say you’re the most beautiful woman we’ve ever had here.â€

    Tanya did not know whether to thank him for the compliment or not. Instead she made a plea: “Please don’t hurt me.â€

    “Have to,†was his to-the-point reply.
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    Then he unlocked her collar chain from the table and led her out of the room.

    This was all so very strange for the lovely young woman. Being led around in handcuffs and naked was the stuff of nightmares, yet it was happening to her. And the ache in her rear was a constant reminder that there was more than nudity and restraints to this nightmare.

    Their destination was back to the dungeon. This time Tanya noticed that there were many closed doors down at that level, and the dungeon itself had four doors leading off from it. There were four cells built into one wall, each with a small wooden bench, ring on the wall and steel bars with very modern looking locks. But what caught her attention the most were the torture devices scattered around the room. Next to the cage she had spent the night in was a rack, looking like a ladder placed on two large, solid sawhorses. But the windlass at one end and the rings at the other told of its being a fully functional torture device.

    And there was the pillory in one corner. And a post with rings set up high that brought the term ‘whipping post’ to her mind. And then there was the chair bolted to the floor – the iron chair with a large circle cut in the seat. She shuddered as she pictured a woman secured to that armless chair and how exposed her private parts would be. Especially since there seemed to be a small brazier directly under that hole. If a fire were set in there, then the woman would... She shook off the image as being too terrible to think about.

    Tanya was very much aware of the hard steel holding her wrists behind her back. The man was leading her over to the post. For a few seconds, Tanya feared that she would be strung up on the post and whipped again. There was too much sore flesh where the whip had kissed the night before; a fresh whipping over that swollen, aching skin would be terrible.

    But she was not attached as for a whipping. Once she had seen a drawing of a woman being whipped in a book. The woman’s hands had been chained to the top of a post and her bare back was turned away from the post. She seemed to be hugging the wood and there were tears running down her face. Tanya was glad when Randle did not affix her in that manner to the post. Instead, he unlocked the handcuffs and bid her kneel down on the floor by the post. Tanya obeyed out of fear, placing herself as he directed with her back up against the wooden pole. Then he gathered her arms together behind the pole and tied the wrists crossed there with rope. As he was doing that, the thought flashed through her mind that tied this way, her breasts were available for a whipping, but somehow she did not feel that was the purpose in tying her that way.

    After the wrists were tightly bound, he began wrapping rope around her waist and the pole, pulling each winding of rope tightly so that it cut into her stomach. Half a dozen times he wrapped the rope around her middle, and then eight times, then ten, each winding placed carefully next to the last. Tanya found it a little hard to breathe with her tummy pulled in so, but said nothing.

    Then she felt hands on her ankles, and her legs were pulled apart and back around the pole until her ankles were crossed behind her. Then she felt ropes going around them, tightly and skillfully applied. First around the ankles one way, then ninety degrees opposite the other way. Then the bindings were cinched down and knotted. The tying of her ankles behind the post made her lean forward but the rope around her waist held her to the pole. That position also exposed her pubic patch and sex, something a naked woman could not fail to be aware of.

    Randle sat down on the floor beside her within each reach of her nudity. He looked over the bondage and apparently approved. “You won’t get out of that,†he commented.

    “You’re right. These ropes are so very tight,†she agreed.

    “Have you ever been tied up?â€

    “Until last night, no.â€

    “Well, you’ll get lots of practice here. My orders are to keep you tied or chained at all times. Plus there are specific orders concerning your punishments.â€

    Tanya frowned. “Why am I being punished? I have done nothing wrong.â€

    “You are a slavegirl, that is enough. You will be punished often and usually for no reason other than your Master wishes to see you in pain. And that goes especially during your training.â€

    “I’ll be good. I’ll obey. Please don’t hurt me.â€

    “It don’t work that way, sweetie. One day you’ll understand. Your spirit has to be broken down first, and then you will truly obey. Besides,†he added offhandedly, “slavegirls simply have to be punished. It’s an unwritten law.â€

    Tanya tested the ropes on her limbs and found she could do nothing. She looked at Randle, who seemed to be enjoying his view of her body. Yet she did not feel he was leering at her but rather admiring. There is a difference -- and a woman can always tell.

    “Randle,†she began cautiously, “is there any way to escape from here?â€

    He shook his head. “No,†was his only reply.

    “What will happen to me now?â€

    “Punishment, of course,†was the simple reply. Randle got to his feet and went to a box in one corner. When he returned he held two metal devices in his hands. “These,†he told her, holding them before her face, “are nipple clamps. See how this part encircles your nipple? That circle can be made smaller by turning this screw.†He placed one of them around her right nipple, which Tanya was surprised to find was stiff. He turned the tiny screw twice and she felt the metal half circles press against her flesh. The clamp was tight but not uncomfortable. When his hand left it, the weight pulled at her nipple, a feeling she was unaccustomed to. He attached the other clamps and tightened it down only enough to hold on.

    “Maybe I shouldn’t say it, but those don’t hurt very much,†Tanya told him.

    “I know. You’re going to be tied there for a long time and I’ll come back and tighten them up now and then.†He chuckled, “Believe me, they will hurt!â€


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