When fantasy goes wrong

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    “OK that’s enough, I surrender“and he laughed. Peter had never been hit by a woman before, and it wasn’t turning out to be quite as much of a turn on as he had imagined.

    Stopping with her hand raised Rebeca smiled. “Ah not so nice in reality is it? That’s the funny thing about fantasy, there’s no pain†and turning her raised hand very slightly she backhanded him hard across his mouth, "and the funny thing about reality? You don’t get to decide when it stopsâ€.

    The backhand hurt even more than the slap, and now he even tasted blood inside his mouth.

    “OK time out, I think that’s enoughâ€.

    And this time, thank God, she stopped.

    Picking up her cigarettes she smiled, but this time the smile was different, it was cold, and quite chilling.

    “So tell me, am I the first psychopath you’ve met, or have there been othersâ€. And then lighting her cigarette added, “Oh no silly me, if there had you would be dead alreadyâ€.

    “Look I’ve had enough of this; you better untie me now before you get yourself in troubleâ€.

    And blowing smoke gently into his face she replied “Oh don’t be a spoil sport. We haven’t even started yet, and I have such plans for you. Just the two of us together in this lonely isolated caravan for weeks and weeksâ€.

    And taking his nose between her thumb and forefinger she waggled his head.

    "Now where did I put my superglue, it’s time I glued your eyes open.

    Now he was starting to get scared, he didn’t like the way she had suddenly changed “Look you better untie meâ€.

    “Or what†and she laughed. What will you do? Call your mummy, or the police maybe?â€

    “Look I think we better call it a day. I think you’re looking for someone a lot more advanced than me. I’m just a sub; I do a bit of cleaning, serve tea, I’m not into all that Sado- masochist stuffâ€.

    But by now she had found her glue, and placing her cigarette in an ash tray she tilted his head back and holding it above his eye as if she was going to administer eye drops suggested.

    “I’d keep your head very still now. This glue will either go where I want it to, or if you move straight in your eye. And resting her other hand on his face she used a pair of tweezers to peel back his eyelid and glue it to his eye socketâ€.
    Motionless and terrified he never moved, and within a few minutes his eyes were fixed permanently open.

    Standing up straight and taking his chin in her hand she turned his head from left to right. “Perfect, you look like an owlâ€. And reaching down she touched a long painted fingernail to one of his eyes.
    Instinctively he blinked, but nothing happened, and so he tried to turn his head away.

    Digging her fingernails into his cheeks and gripping his face tighter she held him still, then picking up her cigarette held it close to his eye.

    “How easy would it be for me to blind you now? Just one little touch and poof, lights outâ€. Her cold smile returned as reaffirming her grip on his face she touched, and held the cigarette lightly against his cheek.
    Crying out he struggled trying hard to shake himself free of his bonds, but the restraints held him tightly in place.
    Moving away and removing her dress Rebeca let him see her in all her naked glory.

    “I’m just going to take a quick shower and change my clothes as I have a date tonight and don’t have time to go home to get readyâ€. Passing him on her way to the shower she extinguished her cigarette on his thigh, making him scream like a banshee. “I will try to get back tomorrow, but I can’t promise as I’m in Birmingham on business all day, but I will tryâ€
    The next time he saw her was just before she left looking more beautiful than he had ever seen her before.â€I’m going to have to turn the power off so I hope you’re not afraid of the dark? And then smiling she corrected herself. “No I mean, I hope you are afraid of the darkâ€.
    And with those parting words she was gone, and he was alone, alone and helpless, more alone and helpless than he had ever been in his life.
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    more please
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    Ah, sociopaths in caravans with superglue. I love one-handed English reading material. The Russian-stuff is always so anti-vagina.
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    LOL this story really painted a vivid picture. I could really visualize this, and I loved what I imagined! I want to try this.

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    Ooh, deliciously nasty, I love it :)
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    I love the whole... "Oh shit......." feeling you get imagining what hes thinking.

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