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Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by Lunabell, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. Lunabell

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    Im 19, about nine weeks pregnant and Ive always had amazing fantasies about bdsm and wanting a Master and such. My "baby daddy" seems more than willing to learn about being a master, which excites me. What I need is a way to show him exactly what I like in a way that doesnt make me seem like Im being bossy. For example he hurts me in a non-arousing way with the anal play (his nails) and gets too excited to pay attention to my body so when I cant take anymore (due to pregnancy fatigue) he doesnt understand and continues on anyway. Also I need general information or "hints" on humiliation play, getting better at deep throating, keeping acne away after bukkake, and ways to groom him into a better Dom. Please ^^
  2. Surreal

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    Well, I don't have any hints, but I'm totally gunna go off topic and say hi. It's weird seeing someone I actually know on here!
  3. sillylittlepet

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    If he's hurting you in a non-arousing way you need to use a safeword so that he knows that he needs to stop. If he ignores the safeword, he's an idiot. I'm sorry, but its true
    Lots of people (including myself!) use the color system. Red means stop. Yellow means slow down. Green means go!
    Make sure your Daddy (or master?) really understands what the safeword is and what its for. BDSM is a fun game, but its a fun game with limits.

    Getting better ar deepthroating? Practice makes perfect! When you deepthroat really concentrate on controlling your gag reflex. A little gagging isnt a bad thing, it usually makes me produce A TON of saliva. Remember to clean your nose beforehand so you can breathe through that instead of your mouth, then you can go down longer.

    As far as washing your face, its just the same as any other time you want to get it nice and clean!! Gently wash your face with warm water, you can use a washcloth if you like! Then lather some facewash and rub it gently around your whole face. I recommend something like clean & clear or clearasil. After you've washed that off, apply some facial moisturizer. NOT a regular lotion or body butter, something designed for the face, otherwise it'll clog pores all over again. Since you live in florida, you might not need to moisturize, I dont really know. After that I'd recommend you use an acne steriod on pimples currently on your face, but if thats not really a problem then whatever.
    Other than doing this routine after your bukkake session, do it in the morning when you wake up and at night just before you go to sleep
    (my mom is a dermatologist, so I got this whole things down lol)

    oh... god... I'm getting tired... must keep going with advice...
    Okay if you want hm to be a better dom, you need to be a better sub and have 100% open communication with him. There's no mind reading in BDSM (well... let's just say there's no mind reading for the sake of my example!), you cant expect him to know what you want a vice versa! If you havent already talked a lot about everything, I suggest you start now!
    I mean everything, safewords, turn ons, turn offs, hard limits, soft limits, fantasy scenes, outfits, words, feelings, etc!
    Man you dont have to do it all at once! But this stuff shouldn't be a secret. Neither one of you should be ashamed to let it all out (at a reasonable and comfortable pace!). After you guys play together, take some time to let your dom know what did and didnt work. Tell him you loved being spanked across the knee, but you wish he had hit a little harder or softer, or pulled your hair, or whatever.

    Sometimes its helpful to scour the internet in search on helpful hints. There are TONS of BDSM related websites that have info and tips and scenes and all kinds of goodies. I'll warn you, sometimes they get repetitive and they dont always have too many useful tips.

    In my opinion, there's no way for him to be a "better dom" without experience and practice. I think its really about control, patience, and creativity, if he can master (heh) that and make his sub happy then he's a good dom.

    Surreal how do you know you know her?!
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  4. Surreal

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    She's been one of my best friends for years. We live in the same town. It's so cool to be the odd ones out. XD
  5. lookingtolearn

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    Well you and my girlfriend are in similar boats, besides the pregnancy thing. Sillylittlepet covered most everything, just want to add a few tips, my girlfriend practiced a lot on inanimate objects (cleaned before hand) for the deepthroating especially if he has a large cock, it allows more control of the situation and it's easier to practice on. Also, if he's anything like me, he cuts his nails and that's it. Well I thought it was weird at first too, but my girlfriend had me try what is basically a nail file, except she used one that is more similar to a foam, she had me use it, I thought it was weird but it improved my nails a lot. Also, don't worry about being bossy, while you don't want to yell at him or something, trust me especially when trying something we're not totally comfortable with yet, if you tell us easily and clearly what we're doing wrong and how to improve, we''l do it gladly, just don't make a man feel sexually inadequate, unless you're into that sort of thing. As sillylittlepet said, it all comes down to communication.

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