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Discussion in 'Safety aspects of BDSM' started by fluttershy, Feb 8, 2013.

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    ok so my master and me have been using minni cloths pins as nipple clamps and have been pinchinh them. it still realy hurts wth the clamps but otherwise i think im losing the feeling in the tips of the nipples. is this normal? also could it aftect me making brestmilk in the futre? btw we didnt use the cloths pins for that long. probly no longer than 20 mins and have recently switched to putting them on the avola insted. however we did pinch for a very long time in the past before we knew it could be dangores.

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    Hi fluttershy,
    I'm not a medical expert, but warnings about nipples clamps are quite common in the scene.

    I know the guidelines are "20 mins", but what's more important is that blood supply is not restricted to that area for too long. Nipples are fun because they have a rich supply of nerve endings, but for those nerve endings to "stay sensitive" they have to have good blood supply.

    If you are losing sensation already I would strongly advise you to take a "nipple punishment vacation". In other words, stop doing nipple torture for a while - and by that I mean several weeks at least, or until the sensation comes back.

    Nerve endings generally do not regenerate (again...I'm not a medical person, but I remember reading that somewhere). So you have to hope that the numbness is temporary.

    There are plenty of other places your Master can use clothes pins. Try your pussy lips. The skin on the back of your upper arms. But always take them off after maybe 10-15 mins, or if you see unusual discoloration.

    Stay safe!

  3. fluttershy

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    we have been trying not doing anything to hurt them 4 a while. and have tried pussy lips (very fun ;) ) but what do i do if the feeling wont get better? also realy conserned about milk suply because i want to have babbies one day.

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    I would honestly suggest that you consult your doctor.

    I know it's an embarrassing thing to discuss with anyone, and doctors will vary about how cool they are to these kinds of discussions. But in another thread you were talking about getting branded or tatooed. And both of those would be highly visible in certain kinds of medical examination.

    So either way you would have to deal with the "embarrassment" (assuming you are embarrassed by this discussion - perhaps you're not).

    But this is your body...your health. It might not seem like it at 18 but, as a 52 year old I can tell you it becomes a heck of a big deal later in life :)

    I honestly have no idea if nerve sensitivity affects breast feeding. However, I assume that something has to trigger the flow of breast milk (ie. the baby sucking), and it would seem logical that nerve sensitivity is involved somehow.

    My gut feel is that you should get this checked out properly.

  5. sebastian

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    Stanley is completely right about talking with your doctor. Your doctor has an obligation to listen to your questions and give you honest advice about your body. Whether your doctor approves of your erotic activities or not is irrelevant; he has a duty to treat you with respect. And he is bound by HIPAA to not discuss your activities with anyone else, so there is little risk of him gossiping (and if he does, you have a legal remedy).

    When you talk about nipple play, what part of your tit are you actually clamping? The nipple proper is very fun, but because it's small, it can't take tons of punishment. The flesh around the nipple (the aureole and beneath) is much tougher. If you watch porn closely, you'll see that when they do tit torture, especially anything that involves tugging, they generally clamp the aureole more than the nipple. So try that with the clothespins and see how you react to it. You can clamp the aureole and then give the nipple itself periodic attention--pinch it, lick or bite it, flick it, etc. My experience has been that when the aureole is clamping, the tit can get quite sensitive even if it's not be directly clamped.

    I'm no medical expert, but I don't think that a numbed-out nipple is an obstacle to lactating. The milk is produced in the mammary glands, not the nipple itself, which is really a duct to allow the milk out. Perhaps a numbed nipple won't open up as easily because it's less sensitive, but I don't think it will prevent lactation. Scarring on the nipple, on the other hand, could potentially clog the ducts and prevent lactation--that's a guess. But I think you'd need to be doing super-harsh tit play to get major scarring--if your nipple isn't bleeding, you're probably ok.

    Incidentally, some women find breast feeding painful, and use various techniques to numb the nipple beforehand (icing, for example). So you may find that loss of sensation not so terrible when you do have kids.
  6. Ladygenuine

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    Deffinately go to the doctor, there may be a rx anti-inflammatory or something.
    Do continue to stimulate them, gently. Heat and cold should help. If you can't feel the difference between hot and cold then that could be a bad sign.
    This shouldn't affect breast feeding at all. It's the act of sucking that pulls the milk whether you. An feel it 100% or not. And those puppies hurt like a mf'er when your pregnant. Do you notice more feeling when your pmsing? Breast feeding is also partly mental, just hearing a baby cry can stimulate production.
    Hopefully that at least puts you at some ease. Really though, if you can't feel heat or cold check with a doctor and stay hydrated. That's important too.
  7. fluttershy

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    that has made me feel alot better. will try the heat and cold more. dreading going to doctor but thinking will probly have to in order to calm down about it. (very paronioed person lol) we were origionly pinching the actual nipple but have switched to the avola. but then i heard somewhere u could crush the tube the milk comes out by doing that. by feeling around i again made myself parronied. would the nipple being inflamed cause desensatization? thx again 4 helping :)

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