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    How I met Master and discovered how much I liked Bondage.

    Just a little more than a year ago, I moved into the quaint little town I now reside in. I came here for college. I had gotten off the bus, and hailed a cab to Kentucky Fried Chicken for a bite to eat. Once there I paid the cabby, and walked into the location where I bumped into an older man. He had a mustache and glasses. And when I say bumped into, I mean literally.

    We got to talking after I had apologized. He was a very nice person, so I guess I formed a bit of a crush on him, being sixteen at the time, crushes happen. I thought it would be over after he left, but instead, I discovered he was my new landlord.

    After a few months the crush grew, and I knew it was no longer a crush. So I asked him if he would Like to go for coffee, completely against my morals, and he agreed. I have been dating him ever since. About two weeks after the first coffee, I went to a party for some of my new friends for our graduation party. I actually graduated early, hooray for me, not. Anyways, It was going to be a dry grad party, since I was to young, even though all my friends weren’t too young. We took my boyfriends car to the party, since I knew if something had happened I would still be sober to drive them all home.

    Well something did happen, somebody brought alcohol into the party, and slipped it into the punchbowl, I know common happening should never have happened deals. Anyway, I was due home around 11pm, as I had work the next morning. The reason I didn’t have school was because I graduated in January. The party was for me graduating and my new friends soon to be graduating.

    The three boys I was car pooling with, got drunk, and decided they didn’t want to go home yet. They along with the host of the party ganged up on me when I announced it was time to leave.

    The tied me into a chair so I wasn’t able to move. My feet were tied to the legs of the chair, my torso to the back of the chair, and my hands to the back legs of the chair. With some added strength to the ropes by tying the ropes around my breasts, and crotch, I was completely immobilized. To prevent me from disturbing the rest of the party, I was placed into a room with nothing I could use to escape. They also gagged me with a cloth and some tape. I struggled against it for a while, until I discovered it was futile. The moment I stopped struggling I realized that I was very comfortable, even though I was not where I wanted to be. A little while later I was released, I carted the boys home, and went to my own place, still the place with my boyfriend.

    My Mom and Dad was worried about me as they had come down for he weekend to visit me, and my new family. When I arrived home late, they saw the condition of my dress, and never gave me heck, but asked if I was ok. I said I was, but the three friends wouldn’t be. My family contacted their parents that night and I have never spoken to those friends since.

    I had all but forgotten about that night, and one day many weeks later, my boyfriend asked me if he could test something with ropes. Not wanting to be in that position again, however knowing how much it felt good, I allowed it. He left me alone for quite a while afterwards. I was not too happy, but I enjoyed every minute of it. I had half use of my hands, so I was able to keep myself entertained this time. Since then I have gotten into the BDSM scene, and my boyfriend became Master in many cases. I do become Master to him on occaision, but I like it when he dominates me. Bondage is a major fetish of mine.

    I hope you all enjoyed my story of how I became to be what I am today. Please respond either way, and let me know. I want to hear all comments.
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  3. Phantasm

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    I think that's an interesting way to find out about your preference. I've come across many people who found out in a much simpler way (a partner brought it up, incidental discovery with a less... unusual situation etc). However, I think the against your will factor probably played a large part in the realisation, as I understand it, you enjoy being bound against your will (as in, you don't walk up and ask to be bound, you just get bound).

    May I ask what was meant by "asked if I was ok. I said I was, but the three friends wouldn’t be."? Were charges or anything of the like pressed?

    I enjoyed reading this greatly. I love hearing other's stories of "the moment of enlightenment". :)
  4. Prissy

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    No charges pressed since they all apologized, however they are no longer my friends.

    And I am glad someone does.,

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    This is a true story? Geeze, I would have been scared out of my mind, especially if they had tried to do something. Didn't anyone try to help you?
  6. Prissy

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    I was scared for a while, while I was struggling..., but when I became tired of struggling, I realized how much I liked it. And no, they were the only ones left at the time, more came after a bit.
  7. Sparrow69

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    Interesting. Like phantasm, I too like reading others stories as to the dawning of their "Awakening" as i like to call it. And to think, had they not done what they did, you would not be who you are today.
    I never regret the things that have happened in my life. I learn from them, and move forward. I'm glad you have too.
  8. Prissy

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    Thanks Sparrow, I do, however, feel a little strange knowing that my awakening was caused by a very bad and scary experience

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