Fantasy come true

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    Well, normally I have to prod Zack into fulfilling different fantasies of mine, but about a week ago he took the initiative, he used me so long and so hard, I still can't walk completely straight, I am still sore, but you'll read about that in the story.

    So a few days ago, I came home at around six in the afternoon on a Friday. Zack was in a pair of tight shorts showing off his bulge, flaccid, but still considerable at just about a little over 5 1/2 inches, and it showed off his amazing tight butt, things that I find very arousing. He was also wearing a tight white tshirt, showing off his large arms, broad chest, and solid abdominal muscles. So all in all, it was more than enough to get my juices to start seriously wetting my panties.

    When I closed the door and put my bags down, he walked up to me, and when he got to me he roughly pushed me against the wall and slightly picked me up bringing me to his height, and just brutally plundered what he wanted from my mouth. He played with my breasts, fondled, squeezed, groped and played with them and my ass, and just in general used my body. When he finally let me down from the kiss, my lips were bruised my panties were soaked, my chest was heaving, and I was soaring above the clouds.

    He then roughly grabbed my hair and brought my face close to his and looked in my eyes and said: "Slut, you see this body," at that moment he started feeling up my entire body to emphasize which body he meant, he continued "this body is mine, all of this from the top of your head, to the soles of your feet, are mine. Your mind, your body, your soul, everything, it belongs to me, there is no you, just my property, if I want to fuck it I will, if I want it to give me a blowjob it will do so, whatever I want it does... is that clear you worthless whore?" By that point I had completely soaked through my panties, and there was an incredibly large, incredibly visible cum stain on my jeans. He rubbed it getting his fingers wet, laughed and brought it to my mouth, roughly inserted his fingers into my mouth and said: "Suck slut!" After I did so, he took out his fingers, put them in my pussy scooped up quite a bit of my juices, and then had my lick his fingers clean. He said: "Oh, you're such a dirty slut, look at how turned on you are by this..."

    He then told me to go to our bedroom take off my clothes and change into what he had left out. To lay the clothes on the bed and also bring him my soaked panties. He left out a pair of panties, an incredibly tiny skirt, that at its absolute longest, stops immediately after the curve of my butt, last but not least there was a collar and leash. I did as I was told, and completed his final order which was once done, to crawl back to him on all fours and then rub up against his leg, and curl up.

    He then told me to stand up and get our plates of dinner that he had left out, I brought the, to us, setting them down on the table. He then yelled at me saying: "What do you think you are doing slut, you son't eat at the table, you eat on the floor out of that dog bowl like the bitch you are!" I apologized and set my dog bowl on the ground and got on all fours ready to eat my food. He yanked on my leash, and said: "Not yet slut, first I'm going to give you a little treat, I know how much a bitch like you needs her protein and therefore, I will allow you to suck me to ejaculation, and allow you to eat it on top of your food." I thanked him profusely for the honor. I then got on my knees and proceeded to give my master a blowjob until he was about to cum, I then jerked him off into a dish, so that I could add it to my food. He then had me play with myself until he was ready, then had me give him another blowjob, which he then blew onto my face, hair, chest and breasts, as he loves seeing me covered in his cum. We then proceeded to eat dinner as I wagged my butt for his viewing pleasure as I ate on all fours.

    After dinner, he proceeded to tell me that he was going to warm me up with some toys, he played with various parts of my body, and when I was close to orgasming he would stop, until it went down, he continued to do this. After about 20 minutes of this he started to use a vibrator on my pussy. Afterwards, he used some anal beads on me, and once they were all in, he left them in me, the largest one being 1 inch across in both directions (if thought of as a square). He then continued to use the vibrator on me. He kept bringing me to the brink, then backing off for about an hour and a half. By that time, I had no control over my body, I was just a pile of goo, with no control whatsoever. I was screaming to the high heavens, but the final plea he listened to was: "Oh god, master please God I'll do anything, just please God be merciful just please let me cum." At least that's what I meant to say, a large part of it was gibberish screaming and moaning. He took mercy on me, and let me cum, it knocked me out cold.

    When I woke up I was on my back on our bed with each limb tied to a corner with a knot he knew (he was a boy scout and an avid camper and outdoorsman he knows a lot of knots) that was like a pulley. It could be moved to give me less or more slack, so I could be securely to the bed or up. He then proceeded to fuck me for the next several hours, whenever he ejaculated he would not let me rest, and while he was waiting to be ready to go again, he would use a vibrator on me. He thoroughly fucked both holes, and neither were ever not being used either by his penis or a dildo or vibrator. He stopped fucking me at about 1:30 in the morning, I was filled and covered with his cum and I was exhausted, he didn't let me rest though, he continued with the vibrators using a machine he made, out of things we had in the house to brutally fuck me with them having including the dildo in my ass. There was a little extra something for my clit and he used some form of device to constantly tease my nipples as well.He also used the same device to fuck my mouth, this one could be stopped and pulled out if it got too bad and I couldn't wake him. He woke up several times throughout the night to check on me.

    He woke up for the morning at 9:30, he then proceeded to stop the machines and pull them away. I was absolutely exhausted, but after breakfast in which he put the anal beads back in and inserted a vibrator at top speed, we then proceeded to have sex until about 1:00. At that time, I had my final orgasm. I was completely raw, even though he used amazing amounts of lubrication. He then proceeded to take care of me for the rest of the weekend. It was the best weekend of my life. I was fucked for 19 hours, these were some of the best 19 hours of my life. I still can't walk completely straight. I've got to be honest though, I wasn't asleep but I wasn't awake either for several parts of the vibrator and dildo fucking, it was like what I'm guessing a coma feels like, you're awake, but yet you're not, you feel everything, but yet you don't, I may have also blacked out. Still it was some of the best hours of my life.
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    I like this a lot.
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    -jealous and wet-
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    im so jealous right now, that sounds like an amazing weekend
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    I like this
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    It's nothing against your writing, but I can't see the title without thinking of the Avenue Q song.
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    fine work

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