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  1. lilyflower

    lilyflower New Member

    Hi, my name is Lilyflower and I am Brocks pet whore.
    He has told me to tell you that I am writing this because he has ordered me to and I must tell you what he has done to me today.

    I received my first text off my owner at 6:30 telling me to get ready for a visit from him. That I should not be dressed but to wear only my collar and my butt plug. He made me send him a picture so that he knew I was obeying him. He also made me send another text to declare that I would be compliant to his will. My Master comes a long way to see me so I had to wait a long time sat with my legs wide apart, my slave collar on and my plug up my arse. All the time I had my blindfold on.

    Eventually I heard my door open, close and be locked. I was scared as I could not see to make sure it was him but as he came closer I could smell his scent. He called me whore, I like him calling me whore. He ran his fingers along my skin and made me feel his hard cock through his clothes. I was very proud that he had saved his cum for me, to fill my pussy with.

    My owner started binding me. He called it a karada and told me I had to wear it all day or I would be punished by him fucking me up the arse. So I had rope circling my body and tits, running between the cheeks of my arse and around my pussy lips. It's still on rubs a little but thats fine because my owner did it.

    My owner made me get on all fours like a dog and made me go into the bedroom while he held my lead. Then he told me to get on the bed and I was so pleased because he proceeded to lick my pussy and arse. He spanked me as well. I really like it when my owner does that to me. I really like the sensation as his tongue flicks inside my pussy and tastes my juices too. I always cum on his tongue. Then my Master told me to lie down with my arse in the air. I did as I was told, he took out my butt plug and said he had a suprise for me.

    I could feel Master playing with my arse hole and putting something up my arse. I did not know what he was doing though. It hurt a little but I have to trust my owner or I know it could hurt more. Then he fucked my pussy really hard and filled it with all the cum that he had saved up for me. There was lots and it squirted everywhere. My Master went then, he is a busy man, but he said to wear my karada all day till he returns and then he said that when my suprise reappeared I was to look closely at it.

    It took a while and I was very excited as to what could have been up my arse, from previous encounters I know it truely could be anything, however it turned out to be a big capsule with a note inside which said i had to tell you all what my owner had done to me today. He says he will punish me if I don't. So I have. I hope this is okay for you Sir. I hope I have pleased you.
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  2. Brock

    Brock New Member

    The images are late.
    No excuses, I've been busy.
  3. Brock

    Brock New Member

    Here she is again.

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  4. Brock

    Brock New Member

    Some more

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  5. Roland

    Roland Member

    Very nice, Brock. Excellent creativity in all of the things you did here.
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  6. Brock

    Brock New Member

    Maybe more to come this sunday as I plan to visit the Whore again.
  7. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    Since you have ten posts and this is pic heavy, I'm moving it over to pics and movies.

    ETA- if you disagree, just say so and I can move it back.
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2012
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  8. Brock

    Brock New Member

    Not at all, thank you.
  9. pornpond

    pornpond Member

    Nice ass
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  10. bxx3xx

    bxx3xx New Member

    a nice toy, take it easy
  11. runningman

    runningman New Member

    wow, very nice thread, very nice ass. I like it :)
  12. Biddan

    Biddan Member

    nice toy!

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