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    Part 1.

    Let me start by sharing something about myself. I've been a bondage and DiD enthusiast for as long as I can remember. I've been tying up girls during my lifetime (I am 35 years old), but it was when I met my last 2 girlfriends when my lifestyle really became the real deal, since they gave up unconditionally to my twisted bondage fantasies, and during my time with them I was the happiest man alive. But because of the cruelty of fate, I find myself without a partner right now.

    However a few years ago I meet someone online who has the exact same likes in bondage and damsels in distress scenarios. I was so happy because finding someone understanding about my own fetishes has been always very difficult to accomplish.

    This person loved everything I like in bondage, from the tie up positions, the love for tight clothes my victims (ballet outfits, Lycra-suplex fabrics, cat suits and active wear), and the fantasies of kidnapping. It was a perfect match, and it was everything I was looking for.

    However there was a slight inconvenient. Turns out, this lovely person is a he, a young man, a gay man. Being a heterosexual guy this was a complete shocker to me, so much that it really made me question my own sexuality.

    But after several experiences with him, a huge breakthrough came to me about my passion for bondage. Suddenly it was so clear that the gender of the captive was not that important, as long as she or he were beautiful. At first I didn't want to accept it, but I came into a realization that I am absolutely turned on by a person who is bound and gagged, regardless of her or his gender.

    I had to fight so hard with this thought, since accepting another man as the subject of my desires felt like betraying my very own sexual principles, like declaring defeat in my struggle to find a girl who could be able to let herself be part of my fantasies.

    But one thing was for sure was that I was growing tired of waiting and that I wouldn't let myself to be alone and yearning for something that I already have within my reach. So I stop thinking about all of this and let myself go to have this person, this lovely gay boy to become my personal captive.

    Here are some of the best pics of our last sessions. I hope you guys appreciate it with an open mind. I am also attaching Youtube links for the videos I took from our kidnapping sessions, so you can also watch. I would really love to have your opinions and feedback.

    Thanks for letting me sharing this with you and please comment and speak freely about what I do with this boy.

    These are the main galleries:

    Marco bound and gagged (contains nude pictures):
    Marco kidnapped in a grey and cream outfit.
    Marco tied up in a red and white outfit:

    These are also a few video clips I posted at Youtube. Since this site doesn't allow embedding, I am posting the direct links. Just copy and paste to your browser or click to watch.
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    Part 2

    These are my favorite images. You can also watch the full galleries at the links I provided.

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    Part 3

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    Part 4

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    Part 5


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