Love hate relationship

Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by blekker, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. blekker

    blekker New Member

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    I don't find so much information on the love hate relationship but i am sure you had this feeling.

    I am a man and i felt attracted by women who shared nothing with me and were my competitors or my enemy. I fantasied on having violent sex with those women. meaning slapping her and french kissing her. being in doggy style putting my hands on shoulders and fucking her with no tenderness.

    Talking dirty and sucking her clitoris.

    talking bad about each other in public and fucking like mad in private.

    i wonder if someone had this love hate relationship feeling
  2. Littlebuttslut

    Littlebuttslut New Member

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    Oh yes, my boyfriend (Dom) of 2 years and I have this relationship, during the day We act liksimi-normal couple who love each other and all that jazz. Sometimes out in public he'll be bad and drag me to him while he has a raging boner, or he will start to bite my ear, just being kinky and not caring about the people around us. But behind closed doors at night it's crazy, he pins me up and fucks me like there's no tomorrow, and he will force me to do things like deep throat and swallow his cum, but we both know we enjoy it and he would stop if he seriously hurt me.
  3. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    I definitely have elements of that with my current slave. Although I can be very gentle and tender with him at times, sometimes feel an intense need to hate-fuck him, during which I call him very cruel names, say really horrid things to him, and enjoy hurting him while I fuck him. It can be very intense.
  4. rievvv

    rievvv New Member

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    I am a sweet woman in my 30ties. I work in a big company and i had an issue with another team lead. We never got along but there were a physical attraction. During one seminar after drinking a lot, we had violent sex at the hotel. We slapped each other. It was not a "bad slap". It was more a game. I started first, knowing he could sue me. Sex was hard.
    We have sex since that time and it is the best sex ever. I can't explain...
  5. xrobert

    xrobert Member

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    Sex sometimes means possession over the partner. Especially for men... especially violent sex.
  6. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

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    Those are some pretty big generalizations.
  7. anchel1231

    anchel1231 New Member

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    I am of 22 and we are in a relationship from 2 years and we ever made sex. He is very gentle to sex and nevr hurt. But from someday i dont know happen with him and he always to wild sex in a manner that i will not met him again.

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