Looking for female submissive's/slaves or couples for Tasks

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    I am an experience Dominant who is looking for online submissive or slave females to take on and assign tasks. I am also looking for online couples who is interested in being took on and assigned tasks. The couples can be where one partner is the Dominant and the other partner is submissive or slave or both partners are submissives or slaves. The tasks can be either assigned through emails, and you report back to me through emails or else completed real time through instant messaging.

    These tasks are suitable for females or couples or might not have a lot of spare time to commit to full relationship with a Dominant. It could be as simple has contacting me saying that I have X time coming up in the next week and would like to complete a task. Or every week at X time, I will have X period to complete stuff for you. All tasks that will be assigned to you, will be suitable to complete within the pre agreed areas and your life.

    The tasks can also be used for newbies to the scene, to give you an introduction into the BDSM world and let you decide if you want to dive deeper into the scene. Along with giving you training in specific areas that you are interested in.

    For couples, these tasks can be suitable to help you learn about the BDSM world. Where one of you being the Dominant I would design and set tasks for them to complete on the submissive/slave partner. These tasks will be designed on what you both want out of the BDSM world. Starting at a suitable level, making sure that everything is done safety. Over time you both will builds up knowledge and skill about the BDSM world.

    If you both are submissive's or slave's, then the tasks that I would set you. Would be areas that you are interested in and learn how to please me too.

    I will give you examples of tasks that I have given other females or couples to complete for me.

    For female submissive's/slaves:

    The female was at work, in her office and she felt horny and she liked the thought of being almost caught. The task that I set her to complete, was ten minutes before the meeting with another person in her office. She had to pull up her skirt, pull aside her panties and insert a pen in to her pussy. She had to fuck her pussy and rub her clit through her panties. She was not allowed to cum, and she had to leave the pen in her cunt through out the meeting with the other person.

    It was an interesting meeting for her, because she keep on opening and closing her legs forcing the pen in and out to keep her horniest going and the chance of being caught.

    With her, I also done orgasm denial, orgasming within X time. This included cumming within five minutes otherwise she was ordered to touch herself for two mins each hour while she was awake to keep herself horny for me. This lasted for five days, before I allowed her to cum within five minutes.

    With another female, she could only spare a hour a week and through instant messaging I taught her breast bondage, self restraints, exploring her body etc.

    For couples where one partner is Dominant and the other partner is submissive:

    After chatting with the couple, and getting proof that they were both interested in receiving tasks. One task that I set for them, was that with the female being the submissive, I got her husband to tie her to the bed naked and blindfold her. After she was tied, the husband had to leave alone for 30 minutes, while he prepared the stuff for the session. This included ice, cream, feathers, silk scarves, chocolate sauce etc. Over a period of time, he used each of them on her body and teasing her to the point of orgasms, keeping her there while she beg for permission to cum and each time turned down. He cum over her face, after getting her give to him a blow job to relieve him and to continue in receiving pleasure. Before he leaves for another 15 to 20 mins before starting to lick her cunt out and then fucking her pussy while she begs to cum. To be told, that she can only cum after he has shot his load in. Of which he did, and she cum. He untied her and they just laid there on the bed, naked in one another arms and want to sleep.

    With another couple, it was to help them explore one another sexually. They were both switches, but they had just did the vanilla stuff. Quick blow jobs, hand jobs and the missionary position.

    For couples where both partners were submissive:

    One couple I set tasks for, were where the male liked to be dressed as a sissy in ladies under ware and clothes and enjoys watching his wife pleasing other man. In this session over instant messaging, I had them dress in matching teddy, g thong and suspenders. At the start of the session I had gotten his wife to tie his hands to the chair where he could not touch him or cum without my permission. During the couple of hours, I had the wife masturbates for my pleasure and cum. I ordered her to suck his little sissy, and get her to admit to me that her toys were better getting her off, then that small thing. Always making her stop on the brink of his orgasm and never getting the release that he wants, until I desire it. The session finished with her being put in to the kneeling waiting position. And I made him, put on a condom and give himself a hand job. Before having to admit to me, that his juices were worthless to go anywhere apart from back inside his body. He then sucked the condom clean at my order. I did not set this couple another task for a few weeks, because of family commitments. Yet they stayed in contact with me through emails, discussing the session. How it made them feel, owned and how badly they want another session.

    If you are interested in learning more about my interests and what I have gotten other females/couples to do. Then please visit my check list here:


    When, after reading all that you are interested in becoming an online taskee with me, you can contact me through private messaging. Where we can chat about yourself further and what you would like to achieve out of this partnership. When you do, can you tell me about yourself. What types of tasks you are interested in and what types of experiences if any you have had?

    For couples, it is similar to above. But with you telling me about you both, if one partner is Dominant and the other is a submissive or slave. Or if you both are submissive's or slave's. What you both want to get out of this and that you are both willing to enter in to the relationship.
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