Male Dom, Looking for a Fem Sub - No time wasters please

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    I'm a 37 year old male Dom seeking a female (18 - 35) to take ownership of
    and train on line.

    I am into rope bondage, spanking/whipping (buttocks, breasts, pussy and anus)
    , humiliation (verbal & physical), anal training, collar and leash training,
    public/outdoor tasks and orgasm control/denial.

    In the future. I am looking for a sub/slave that want to be owned, to obey,
    controled, serve and please me to the best of your abilitys, to be punished
    when required and more.

    You must be also willing to learn along side me, as in this type
    of relationship it's always learning about each other and gaining
    in trust that is needed with both partys.

    I would like a female sub to complete the training tasks I set her,
    taking pictures and videos as proof, then email back with detailed reports
    of how the tasks went, at first we will start off small and slow and
    then build up, learning your limits and your innerself

    Tasks completed well will be rewarded. Tasks not completed properly will be
    punished, and again this will build over time,

    I have 12 years experience training subs both on line and real time and the
    experience I have gained is better shared. (There are a lot of males out
    there who claim to be Doms, when really they don't know what they are doing.
    This is NOT me.)

    If you are interested then you can either reply to me here or direct to my

    [email protected]

    I look forward to hearing from you.


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