Lady Leslie's Painful Execution

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    The bound and gagged woman was pulled into the torture chamber by two burly guards. They were followed by an official looking man who handed a parchment to the Chief Executioner. The latter read the document and then spoke to the official.

    "So, one Lady Leslie Grey has been sentenced to death by slow torture. The order issued by the king himself in punishment for the crime of treason. Did he have a particular method in mind?"

    "Skinning her alive was suggested."

    "Indeed." The Chief Executioner paused to examine Lady Grey. She appeared a strong specimen with long blonde hair and a creamy complexion. He paid particular attention to her skin, rubbing his hands up and down her throat and then slipping one down the bosom of her dress, his fingers kneading her breast and nipple. She squirmed at this humiliating intrusion of her person, her protests muffled by the gag. At last he withdrew his hand and smiled. "A most suitable proposal. We'll use our sharpest knives on the lady, it should ensure her many hours of agony." During this macabre conversation the woman's eyes grew wide and fearful as she struggled vainly against the guards. Nodding to them, the Executioner said, "Place her in the pillory and chain her ankles to the floor. We must prepare her for her ordeal."

    "May I stay and observe," said the official.

    "Certainly, sir. I am always pleased to show off my skills, and she should prove to be an excellent subject."

    In a few moments, Leslie found herself secured to the pillory. Her legs spread wide apart and anchored to the floor with cuffs and chains. Bent at the waist, her head and hands protruded from the front of the device. She was still fully clothed.

    The executioner's assistant, a pale, thin lipped young man, removed her gag. After coughing and choking for a minute, the woman regained her voice and pleaded with the men. "Please, I have done nothing to deserve such a fate," she cried. "Have mercy on me, please. If I must die, don't let it be in such a horrible manner. I will do anything you ask, I can pay you handsomely. Help me! Oh, please, I don't want to die like this!" She rattled the chains about her feet and shook her head from side to side. Tears fell from her eyes as she begged, "Oh, God, please have mercy on me!"

    "Stifle your pleas, girl!" the executioner shouted, pulling her head up by the hair. "It will do no good here." Leslie held back her cries. "As for showing you mercy, well, we will be kind to you and allow you the pleasure of being well fucked by both my assistant and myself before we start your skinning. Enjoy getting poked, girl! It will be your last pain-free moments on this earth. Billy, you will relieve the lady of her clothing and of her pussy hair. After I have fucked her you may take her up the rear if you like. I venture to say her Ladyship has never had that experience before," he said, and than began laughing with gusto as he let loose of her hair.

    Tears ran down the woman's face and she cried quietly while Billy removed her clothing, cutting and tearing it away from her body until she was completely naked, except for her shoes and stockings. The aide then expertly shaved her cunt and asshole, which would make the tortures easier. Then the executioner stepped behind her, dropped his pants, planted his hands on her hips, and jammed his rather impressive rod into her naked hairless pussy. Leslie sobbed with shame as he thrust in and out of her body for several minutes until, she felt herself helplessly responding to his assault. Her cries turned to gasps, then groans and the man grinned with delight as she undulated in counter-time to each stroke, pushing her backside toward him as he penetrated her, then drawing back as he pulled out. "I told you that you would enjoy it, your Ladyship," he taunted.

    The executioner took great delight in copulating with a condemned woman before carrying out her sentence. The last things she would feel on this earth would be what he provided her, he mused: intense pleasure, unbearable pain and finally the eternal emptiness of death. He felt her stiffen as her body was engulfed in the ecstasy of orgasm. Then he bellowed and his seed burst forth into her vagina.

    Pulling out, he walked in front of a breathless Lady Grey, pulled her head up again by the hair and wiped his member clean under her chin. "I will have to see if you enjoy it as much after we have you freshly peeled like a ripe little red grape," he asked, letting her head free.

    Now it was Billy's turn. Rubbing his pecker on the semen dripping from her cunt, he lubricated himself, then pried apart the cheeks of her ass and forced himself up her freshly shaved rectum in one cruel stroke. She squealed and hollered as he fucked her in the dusky passage of her shit-hole, which clenched tightly about his organ, trying to expel the thing from her body. Leslie had never been sodomized before and she did not like it at all. Billy grinned with pleasure as his penis was squeezed by the rippling within the woman's seething bowels. After several long minutes of vigorous pumping, Billy finally shot his seed into her trembling bottom and extracted himself from Leslie's anus.

    Billy patted her fondly on the behind, for what he considered an excellent ass-fucking. He had a theory that a woman's ability to withstand torture was directly related to the strength of her sphincter muscle. Based on that he concluded Lady Leslie Grey would suffer a very long time. For a brief moment he felt a bit sorry for her, but his good humor returned as her dainty little asshole opened slightly and she farted uncontrollably, adding to her humiliation.

    Now it was time for the more serious work to begin. Billy gently kissed her tear stained face as he secured cuffs to Leslie's wrists. The cuffs were then attached to ropes hanging from the ceiling. He then released her from the pillory and began pulling on the ropes, hauling her arms up then lifting her into the air. He stopped when her toes were a yard above the floor. She hung limply for a minute or two until the Chief Executioner brought out the skinning knives and began sharpening them before her very eyes. Then she screamed hysterically and kicked her legs madly, sending her high-heeled pumps flying off her feet. With some difficulty Billy was able to grab each leg long enough to roughly remove her stockings. Then he attached a spreader bar to the woman's ankles. Heavy weights were then suspended from the bar until the stress momentarily took her breath away and caused Leslie to groan as her whole body was stretched taut. She began sweating profusely now, her muscles knotting visibly as Billy carefully added one more weight. Pulling hard on the ropes from which she was suspended, he slowly lowered her until the weights which dangled near her feet were barely off the ground. Leslie could not move. Every inch of her body was pulled tight. Laboring for breath, she had given up begging and was now making only shallow wheezing sounds from deep in her chest.
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    Leslie was staring wide eyed as each of the knives was brought to razor sharpness by her executioner. There were a dozen of them in various lengths and shapes. She became almost hypnotized, her mind focused on these instruments which would soon be used for her destruction. Despite her terror, her breathing became more regular as her body adjusted to the tension. She was startled as something cool and wet was pressed to her chin. Holding a large silver cup, Billy tilted it against her lips and bade her drink. At first she refused, clenching her teeth and turning her head to the side.

    "It's only water, your Ladyship," Billy informed her, making a mockery of her title. "Either drink it now or I'll have to force it down you with a funnel," he added. Leslie acquiesced. The water tasted cool and refreshing and she soon downed the entire cup. She was so frightened she did not notice the taste of the herbal stimulants which had been added to the water. Billy made her drink two more cupfuls. When she finished the lastcup, Leslie's eyes once again turned to the Chief Executioner. Panic seized her and she gave a brief cry. He was sharpening the last of the knives, a three inch instrument with a curved blade.

    Meanwhile, Billy was speaking with the king's official, keeping his voice low so that Leslie could not hear. "We have to keep her well watered, because she's going to lose a lot of it when her skin is gone. Mind you, she won't bleed much, we'll be sure of that, but a girl has a lot of liquid other than blood in her, and when her skin is taken off it sort of leaks out, if you know what I mean. It's part of my job to give the lady a cup or two every few minutes. It will keep her alive longer and there is something in the water that helps keep her from fainting too. There's nothing more tiresome than having a girl drop into a coma before she's even half skinned. Why it spoils all the fun."

    "Billy, it is time to begin," said the Chief Executioner. Then he bowed mockingly at his terrified victim and said to her, "Madame, I apologize for keeping you waiting. However, everything is now in order, so let us get started at once." He then approached herwith the dreaded knife glistening in the torch light. The king's official moved his chair in order to get a better view of the show, while Billy grasped Leslie at the waist from behind in order to keep her steady.

    "Take a deep breath and close your eyes, girl, and the first cut will be over before you know it," Billy advised her. Instinctively she did as she was told.

    The Chief Executioner touched the blade to her right thigh, about two inches below her hip, and then gently, almost lovingly, ran a complete circle around it, ending the incision precisely where it had begun. "There you are, love, slick as a whistle," Billy told her when the knife was withdrawn. Leslie let out her breath, opened her eyes and looked down. She had felt nothing except a slight pressure, but she could see the blood well up along the cut and then drip slowly down her leg.

    "Quick now, another deep breath," Billy cautioned. Leslie closed her eyes tightly and cried softly as the executioner ran another circle just above her knee. But again she felt no pain, so sharp was the blade. The blood from this second wound ran in little rivulets down her shin and calf toward her foot.

    "That's a girl," Billy complimented her as she once again closed her eyes and held her breath when the third cut was made lengthwise down her outer thigh, connecting the two circles.

    Billy released her for a moment, while the Chief Executioner carefully wiped her blood from the knife he had been using and selected another. This was a shorter instrument, broad at the base and tapering to a sharp rounded tip. Leslie watched him as she felt the warm blood trickle down her leg. Her teeth chattered as once again panic seized her. "Ahh... Ahh... I'm afraid," she stammered. In her terror she looked about for Billy, wanting him to tell her what to do. "Helpme-e-e-e. I... I'm afraid. Oh, dear God, I'm afraid, please help me. Ple-e-e-ase." Her executioner approached her with his latest weapon. "No. Not yet. Please wait," she begged. Then in desperation she added quite sincerely, "Please, fuck me again, Sir. Anywhere, fuck me anywhere, but please, wait, don't hurt me. Please, oh please!"

    The Chief Executioner held the blade close to her leg and listened to her continued pleadings as the condemned woman promised to perform numerous obscene acts in a desperate attempt to forestall her inevitable doom. She continued to debase herself before him until Billy returned with a short stick, made of soft wood, with leather straps fastened to each end. "Take this between your teeth, girl," he said, pushing it toward her mouth. She turned her head away and said no, but Billy was insistent. "Lady Grey, the pain is going to start now and it's going to be bad, real bad. Either bite this stick or you're probably going to bite your own lips off, understand?" Then he added disdainfully, "You don't want to squeal and die like an animal?"

    The last statement sobered her, as she realized that they had reduced her to just that, an animal. Her mind was revolted by the things she had been saying, and she summoned all her strength to help her die with at least some dignity. Sobbing quietly, admitting the hopelessness of her situation, Lady Leslie Grey opened her mouth and accepted the stick. Billy quickly tied the straps together behind her neck, making the stick between her teeth into a kind of bit as is used on horses.

    Billy then returned to position behind her, once again holding her steady by the hips, as the executioner prepared to go to work with the new knife. First he worked the tip of the knife under the skin at the top of the first incision. Biting into the stick, Leslie grimaced with pain as he carefully worked the blade in. But soon she was gasping through her clenched teeth as he grasped the corner of the loosened patch of skin and began peeling it back with his left hand, while he continued to work the knife under it with his right. Leslie bit down harder and harder on the stick and twisted her head from side to side. Beads of sweat broke out on her forehead as she tried valiantly to endure the pain. Choked cries of agony escaped her lips between desperate breaths. Billy felt the tension in her body as he held her lower half immobile so the Chief Executioner could complete his task. Working carefully, it took that skilled fellow about five minutes to peel off the entire area between the two circles he had made around Leslie's upper leg. When he was done he held up triumphantly a bloody strip about seven inches wide and ten inches long.

    For a moment, Leslie stopped shaking her head and her cries subsided. Her eyes grew even wider with horror as she saw the awful thing, waved before her face, that had once been the creamy white skin of her thigh.

    "A souvenir, sir!" the Chief Executioner laughed as he tossed the grisly tidbit to the king's official, who jumped aside to keep it from landing on his immaculate attire. The executioner and Billy both laughed at his squeamishness. Then they returned their attention to the condemned woman.

    She was looking straight ahead, her focus on the distant wall, willing herself not to look down at her mutilated leg. The pain from it was causing her to moan through the bit as drool ran down her chin.

    The king's official, despite his weak stomach, studied the terrible wound. As promised, there was not a great deal of bleeding, although there was enough to make a small puddle where it dripped from her toes to the floor. Between her knee and hip, the raw mass glistened with moisture which oozed out from the exposed tissue. He could easily see the veins and arteries pulsing below the uncovered flesh and what was probably exposed muscles and body fat. Although the sight sickened him somewhat, he was also filled with sexual lust, his member stiffening in his pants.The torturer then obstructed his view as he began the process of stripping away the skin of her lower leg. This time the circles were cut below the woman's right knee and above her ankle. He connected the circles with a slice along the back of her calve. Billy grasped the knee and foot and held her tightly while the executioner literally "unwrapped" the skin from her lower leg. As this was accomplished, the girl managed to scream loudly despite the bit in her mouth. She continued to do so as he then skinned the front of her knee but left the back intact. He patted the lonely piece of skin behind her knee. "We'll leave her with this. It's too easy to cut a blood vessel back there," he explained.

    They waited several minutes for Leslie to adjust to the pain and calm down. When her screams faded to a simpering wail, Billy brought her a fresh cup of water. Loosening the gag, he shoved the vessel to her lips, tilted her head back and poured it in slowly. Leslie's throat was raw from screaming and so she drank the water eagerly. When she finished drinking, she instinctively looked down at the source of her great pain.
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    At first she did not understand what she saw. Stupidly she twisted her foot and clenched her toes, trying to find her leg. "Oh, my God!" she gasped in disbelief, as she realized that the bloodyraw piece of live meat that hung from her hip was her leg, or all that was left of it. Then the thing began to twitch uncontrollably, pulsing with life, and pain. All thoughts of a stoic death erased from her mind she threw her head back and howled despairingly. Once more she started pleading for mercy, offering herself to the men, imploring them to cut her leg off so she could make love to them. She was screaming, "Take it off! Cut it off!" until Billy again gagged her with the stick. Even then she still tried to plead with her torturers, but her words were largely unintelligible, the stick making it impossible for her tongue to reach her lips.

    Finished with the right leg, they skinned her left leg forthwith. The pain Leslie felt was unimaginable. The raw, exposed nerves of her legs could feel even the slightest flicker of air. Touching them would bring her to the brink of madness. She screamed until her voice began to give out, coughed and sputtered, then screamed some more.

    The Chief Executioner let her "enjoy" these sensations for a few minutes before giving her more water, most of which she spit out, and then proceeding to the next phase of her martyrdom. This involved the flaying of her tits, which he began with consummate skill, teasing each of her nipples to sensitive erection, fondling and sucking them, before working on them. He had already decided to use the hide of her breasts to make tobacco pouches for himself and Billy. His assistant lifted her right tit up and away from her body, so that the executioner could trace a line with his knife around the entire orb. They then did the same with the left breast. Next came a contest to see who could skin one of Leslie's udders first. Billy took the left side and the Chief Executioner the right. Leslie's frightful screaming was almost drowned out by their laughter as they continued to lick and suck her nipples as they cut away the surrounding skin. Surprisingly, Billy won. He admired the neat little sack he had removed from her bosom, the bottom, the brown ring of the aureole capped by the engorged nipple. The executioner finished the right side and carefully placed the two trophies in some tanning fluid.

    He left the task of skinning her pert little fanny to Billy. The young assistant began the procedure by shoving a sharply tapered wooden dildo into her butt, thereby expanding her asshole. He then cut through the skin which encircled the protruding artificial cock. Then he traced a gash along the crease separating her bottom globes. Billy dug a dull blade under the original wound made at the top of her leg. This time, however, he pulled gently upward to the base of her rump and beyond. He continued his work until he had peeled the entire cheek, the skin separating along the lines he had cut along her carefully shaved crack and anus. He let the skin hang from the top of the flayed cheek while he worked on the other. Then he sliced off both patches and let them drop to the floor. Needless to say, Leslie's screams and protestations were ear shattering during this process. But she could no longer scream when he went about skinning her pussy, making only strange mewing sounds as he robbed her of her mound and cuntlip skin and sliced away her clitoris. She lost control of her bladder and urinated all over Billy's hands as he carved around her sexual opening. At that point they removed the gag, as it was no longer necessary.

    The official who had stayed to watch the exhibition got up to leave. "Why are you leaving so soon, Sir?" said the Chief Executioner.

    "It's been almost three hours," said the official. "And, besides, she might as well be dead. I don't think she even knows what is happening to her now. Why, she is barely making a sound." "Oh, her voice has just given out temporarily. She is quite conscious, and, despite her agony she still understands what we are doing to her. Let me show you."

    The executioner ordered Billy to lower the woman until the weights rested on the floor, relieving the terrible tension on her limbs. He could look directly into her face. Her eyes were closed and blood dripped down the corners of her mouth where she had bitten through her lips. He grasped her hair, pulled her head back and shouted into her ear. "Lady Leslie, can you hear me, girl? Come on, it's time to wake up dear. Rise and shine, that's a girl." Leslie's eyes fluttered open and she stared into the executioner's face. With great difficulty she managed to speak, but the men had to hover close to her in order to hear her shaky voice. "Oh God, please, p-l-e-a-s-e, let me die. Kill me, please kill me."

    "This fellow here doesn't think you know what's happening to you. Well, I know you do. So, tell me what we're doing to you girl. Come on, tell me and I might let you die. That's right, I might let you die, wouldn't that be nice, dear." Leslie's gaze moved slowly from one man to the other in the torture chamber. Her tongue ran along her parched lips. Then she looked down at her ruined body and began to weep. "You... you're skinning me. Oh God, you're skinning me alive! Now won't you please kill me. Please, I beg of you, do it now. The pain, oh the pain..."

    The executioner looked at what remained of Lady Leslie Grey. He looked at the raw, oozing flesh, scabbing over in some places, dripping blood in others. A peculiar yellow fluid had begun seeping out of her skinned body. It seemed to come from the exposed muscles which still jerked uncontrollably, reacting to the slightest touch. In her weak voice which was almost a whisper, she continued to chant "Kill me now... Kill me now... Kill me".

    "Not yet, your Ladyship," said the torture master as he slapped her hard across her skinless fanny, drops of blood splattering in all directions. Suddenly she began screaming again, and Billy once more lifted her off the floor. Then he fetched another knife. It took another three hours to finish her skinning. Billy thoughtfully continued to force her to drink the stimulant enhanced water periodically, but eventually she lost all control over her bladder and the liquid squirted out almost as fast as it went in. Shortly thereafter her bowels loosened, causing her to defecate spasmodically. This was a somewhat humorous sight, as her whole body would shudder, she would grunt loudly, then a small, dark turd would emerge from the little brown tinged pink ring of skin Billy had left around her asshole. Sometimes she would clench her anus and the turd would be sucked back inside, only to reappear moments later. Eventually more and more of the little brown nugget would appear, until it ejected completely from the confines of her warm rectum and fell wetly to the floor.

    When the job was complete, the only skin Leslie had left was on her neck, her face, her fingers and toes, the tops of her hands and feet, and around her joints such as the backs of her knees, elbows, armpits, etc. All the rest had been stripped clean. She had continually moaned, babbled and occasionally screamed again for another hour while Billy had skinned her back and arms, then she grew quiet while her chest, belly, palms and finally the soles of her feet were skinned by the Chief Executioner. But she remained alive and conscious throughout.

    It was almost time to put her out of her misery, but the Chief Executioner had one or two final things he wanted done to her. Lowering her completely, they laid her on her back in the torture chamber and Billy fetched a large mirror. He and the executioner than sat Leslie up, threw some water in her face to awaken her and then showed her proudly exactly what they had done to her. She looked at her reflection seeing only a reddish brown mess, hardly comprehending it was her body. She then began to vomit.

    When she had finished, the executioner once more doused her with water, this time to clean her up. He and Billy then stripped and, holding the dying woman between them, they walked her to the other side of the room, her raw feet leaving bloody footprints on the floor. Gently they laid her out on a cot. She tried to curl into the fetal position to protect her exposed flesh, but, before she could, Billy had spread her legs, fell on top of her and began fucking her. His hands caressed her virtually skinless body and he was soon covered with the brownish sticky fluid which seeped out of her tortured flesh. The Chief Executioner then ravished her, the act of raping a woman as she was dying further enhanced his pleasure. As he shot his seed, her bloody arms pulled his head close to her mouth. Her eyes focused on his and in the faintest of whispers she pleaded, "Now, will you let me die?" He was amazed. She was actually still conscious. Testing her, he squeezed a skinned breast until the blood flowed and watched her wince perceptibly.

    "She is still feeling pain! Her stamina is remarkable." he shouted to Billy. He then asked the king's official if he would like would like to give Lady Grey a farewell fucking. He declined, but instead masturbated onto her disfigured body, shooting his semen onto her face. Enough was enough, however, and she had been a good patient. Therefore, her executioner grasped her hair, pulled her head back, kissed her, and held one of his knives under her chin. Realizing he was finally going to kill her, she looked up at him, and gurgled "Thank you," as he mercifully cut her throat. After six long hours, her torment was finally over. Her bloody body was fed to the dogs, who seemed to find it quite tasty.
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    a wonderful story - read with pleasure and something that took a note!

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