Queendom of Lady Justizia chapter 2

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    Queendom of Lady Justizia chapter 2

    Lady Justizia was lying in the bedroom, while her new slave Jack was cleaning her castle, as she ordered him. While he was rubbing the floor, he was thinking of his magnificent mistress, and the mind fuck that she gave him a night before, when she broke him and enslaved him. He couldn't help but wonder, what would be like to have actual sex with Lady Justizia. The mind fuck he received was best thing in his life. As he was daydreaming about sex with lady Justizia, suddenly, he heard Lady Justizia's voice in his head: “Slave, come to me, now! I am in the bedroom.â€

    He jumped fast as a tiger and started climbing stairs. He felt a pain of his broken ribs, a reminder to never again disobey Lady Justizia. When he got into bedroom, he got a huge erection at the site of Lady Justizia in full leather. She was dressed in tight black leather trench coat with high collar and leather buttons. The coat was tight around her upper body, hugging her voluptuous curves, while it was wide around her legs, and had a big slit that shown her tight leather boots, that reached past her knees. On her hands, she wore gloves so tight, it looked like her skin is black leather. At the site of this leather goddess, Jack felt week at the knees and his dick was throbbing. He knelt before her and bowed his head in submission.

    “I see you had a naughty thoughts about me, slave?†she said with strict tone, sending shivers down his spine. “How she knows?†he thought to himself. “I know everything, you can't hide your thoughts from me, I read you like a open book. Even if you are not in the same room†She said, not letting him even speak. “You wished for sex with me. You should be careful what you wish, it might come true†she continued. And with one move of her leather hand she wielded telekinetic force that lifted him him off the ground. With one flick of her wrist, she shred all the clothes on him, striping him naked.

    “Nice dick†she said and started caressing his body with her leather gloved hands. He felt he was in heaven, her leathery touch was best thing he ever felt. He was melting at her touch, longing to completely give himself to this leather clad mistress. She took him in her leathery arms and started kissing him, first a small peck on the lips, but then she forced her tongue down his throat, sucking the air out of his lungs. He tried to fight for the air, but he had no chance. He felt week in her arms, and his struggling only seemed to amuse her. Soon, he blacked out due to lack of oxygen and went limp in her arms. She carried him to the bed, where the restrains were set up. She put him into restrains and tightened them. Then she slapped him to wake him up. He inhaled a deep breath and started stuttering “Ummm.... my God... t... that kiss... it was m... magical†he said, looking at the mistress in awe. Look at his eyes shown that he is in love. His heart belonged to Lady Justizia. She smiled “I call it a Kiss of Death. Had I kissed you for a little longer time, you would be dead. Suffocated.†she said, feeling powerful and in complete control. Dealing Kiss of Death always made her horny.

    “Oh mistress, that would be best death imaginable for me.†he said.

    “No, I can also kill a man with sex. That would be better. But I don't plan on killing you†she said with a smile, and continued “You are my pet now, that means you will receive pleasure that no man on the planet can think of. I hope you can take it.†With that, she started teasing him, putting her leather gloved hand on his chest. He was still looking at her in awe, and he tried to move, to touch her. But now he realized that he was restrained.

    “I restrained you while you were unconscious from my Kiss of Death.†She said. She put her hand in pocket of her leather coat and pulled out a leather item which looks like a condom. She put it on his erect penis and said “This device will not let you ejaculate. It is my invention. I want you to be fully aroused and full of sperm, because when I start fucking you, I will suck you dry. â€

    She started caressing her leather clad breasts with her leather gloved hands, making him even more horny. He wanted her so much that it hurt. “I am naked under the coat†she said. Then she started unbuttoning her leather coat, exposing her gravity defying boobs. Her nipples were fully erect and it stuck out proudly. He moaned with pleasure at the sight of her naked body, but the leather device on his penis tightened making him even more aroused. She started touching her vagina with her leather gloved fingers and moaning loudly, driving him crazy with lust. Sensation of soft leather on her clitoris made her very aroused as she put her middle finger deeper into vagina... all the way to the deep spot. She started stimulating her deep spot with leather clad finger and screaming loudly “Oooohhh... aaaaahhh... so good!!†Jack was going completely wild with lust. He puled against restrains trying to set free but to no avail. Lady Justizia sat on his chest and continued fingering herself having orgasm after orgasm. She puled her leathery finger out of her her and put her pussy against his mouth. “Lick!†she ordered. He obeyed with pleasure. Soon, she had mayor orgasm and started squirting in his mouth. She moaned loudly “Yeessssssssssssss.â€

    Jack's mouth were full of Lady Justizia's cum. His dick was throbbing and leather condom-looking device is doing it's job. Making him extremely aroused but not letting him come. Now Lady Justizia decided to let him lose, and took off the restrains. He try to kiss her, but she slapped him across the face, sending him back on his back. She took of her coat completely, now her body was completely naked except for her boots and her gloves that reached almost up her shoulders. She removed leather device from his dick and started stroking it. Her leather touch felt magically and soon he was on verge of orgasm. But then she took him inside her vagina and tightened her strong vaginal muscles. She wouldn't let him come. She started riding him, walls of her vagina contracting in ways no ordinary woman's vagina could. He felt pleasure similar to that when Lady Justizia mind-raped him, only way more intense. His body and mind were completely subjugated by this powerful woman, he felt total devotion and undying love for her. Soon he started screaming with pleasure and she finally let him ejaculate inside her. She started squirting again, as well. They climaxed together, orgasm seemed to last for minutes. He felt so good that he thought he is happiest and strongest man on earth, and at the same time, he felt completely inferior to her, mighty Lady Justizia.

    “Mistress... I love you.†he whimpered.

    “Of course you do, my slave. Nobody can resist my charms. You are now incurably addicted to me.†she said, got up and went to shower. She left him lying on the bed, and he was already longing for her... she was right, he is addicted. She returned totally naked and wet and ordered “Get up slave. I need you to help me leather up.â€

    He jumped to obey Lady Justizia. She was dressing a corseted tight black leather cat suit so she ordered him to tighten her laces on her back. He did his best to tighten it but she was not satisfied. “Harder dammit!†she shouted. “You are too weak†she said and used her telepathic power to send him back to bed. Then she used her powers to tighten the laces so that her catsuit started looking like a second skin on her. Then she applied heavy makeup and tied her hair in a bun. All with her telekinetic powers. She looked in the mirror and she was satisfied how intimidating she looked. “Slave, I am going out to find some trouble. Don't touch your dick until I return.â€

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