Industrial and Pipe restraints

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    this is one of those relatively custom pieces, that can be built. It just slip flanges and pipe. I would suggest going to home depot or lowe's and picking up about 5 8' lengths of 1 inch steel conduit. and a collection of slip connectors, a drill and some bolts, and a chop saw to cut it to the length, and then go home and build the device around your sub, measuring to make sure each piece is just the perfect size and that it will allow him/her to still be comfortable but held firmly in place.
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    If you rent a pipe threading set you can get a better fit. You can usually find chop saws at the rental place also. That way you only pay for the blade. A reciprocating saw is less expensive but takes more skill to make a square cut.
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    I Have to work with having to cut steel sometimes so I have the tools that's not an issue, but knowing what those "slip connectors" are is good info
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    These slip connectors are used in the industrial awning business. Wagner is one of the major manufacturers. They also make a bulkhead mount that pivots that you may be more interest in using that than a wall mount flange.

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