I really dont know what to do-AS levels&Career?

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    Well basically I flopped my January alevels, before hand I was doing 3 and now they decided to kick me off Chemistry as they believed "I could not handle it", though honestly I was going through some serious family issues when I was sitting those exams. I know it is no excuse, but my brain literally was not in the exam.
    As I am not doing 2 AS's I am probably going to have to spend an extra year in college, doing 1 or 2 AS's. Problem is my parents want me to do medicine, and I honestly dont think I am up to it, with my average GCSE's grades (Highest grade was an A* lowest was a C).Now my mess up on A-levels, and I know universities do not like people taking more than two years completing their alevel course.
    I in some sense actually do want to become a Doctor, but to be honest I don't think the medical schools will look at my UCAS form twice, to be honest.
    I actually feel like a failure at the moment, and am on the verge of dropping college all together, as their is no other profession I can really see myself doing.
    I dont know what to do.
    Thank you for all your help (Y)
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