i dont know what to do?

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    (sorry it's a long one!)3 years ago my brother started seeing someone whom i gradually became very good friends with, she was very nice, my age (30, even though my bro is only 21), my children loved her and we did lots together. i saw her as a true friend not just my brothers girlfriend. unfortunately she'd had a bad life she didn't get on with her mum & step-dad or younger sister & the one nice sister she had lived about 150 miles away, so we never met any of her family. She'd told me her and her sisters were abused when they were younger by their real father nad she could never have children. then last year she developed a non cancerous tumour in her stomach which grew quite large. suddenly back in sept 09 she was rushed into hospital & the tumour was removed. after that she found cancerous cells in her womb & had been having regular treatment to remove reduce these. until now. i have just found out its all lies it wasn't a tumour she was pregnant and she gave birth and walked out that same day, she's not been having treatment for cancer she's been either seeing the social worker or just sitting at home. now because i know she's had to come out and tell the truth but so she doesn't lose my brother she's now saying she was raped & fell pregnant and didn't know what to do. i don't believe for a second she was raped as if she'd had said that from the start we would have all helped her, but she's let it go on for so long now and she's just give the baby up for adoption (even though it maybe my brothers!) i feel very hurt and let down as i was a very good friend, now my brother is defending her and can't understand why i feel so hurt and why i can't believe her. i've since got in touch with her family & they've said she wasn't abused but she's always been an attention seeker and they haven't seen her for so long because she owes them a lot of money. her 'nice' sister (whom she said she could not get hold of, even though i contacted her very easily) has said its all lies, and none of them were abused. my brother won't hear any of it saying her family are all liars and that i need to leave it alone. now i'm being ignored by my brother. I don't know what to do?
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