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    I fall to my knees out of reverence; a few seconds would tick by allowing me the right mindset to devote completely
    My eyes open, transfixing on hers, anticipation meets anticipation, the soul stillness between us broken by a smile. I cup her foot in between my hands, caressing, massaging it firmly, my eyes on hers as I gently kiss all over the souls of her feet, tantalising her toes with my tongue, sucking slowly on each one. As I repeat the act on her other foot, her legs open wider, tempting me to go further.
    I raise up and kiss her softly, gently, but intimately, letting the kiss linger as I firmly run my fingertips slowly down her spine, letting her feel the appreciation in my touch. Drawing away from her, but our eyes transfixed on each other, as a tension inflames
    ‘you prefer me back on my knees don’t you..........’ I murmur
    her look says it all, and I genuflect once more before her, parting her legs a little wider
    Lavishing the soft skin behind her knees with soft French kisses, then gently running the tip of my tongue over the bottom of her thighs. Transfixing on her eyes again, letting us both get lost in each other, as we slip into oneness my hands caress gently all over her thighs, and lavishing her soft skin
    her joyous moans shatter the silence....
    My lips kissing all over her thighs teasing to her panties line
    I pause, once more looking deep into her eyes making her know how privileged I feel as I breathe in her intoxicating scent, a pristine sweetness that drunkens me with desire. I kiss softly, teasingly all over her panties, feeling her heat radiate through the silk
    Peeling her panties off her, my eyes remain on hers, seeking that oneness to enhance the pleasure she feels.
    I gaze on the perfection of her pussy; it turns me on in a manner that I cannot give justice to in words,
    I run my tongue between her lips; her taste is akin to Natures sweetest wine.
    I seek out her Clitoris with the tip of my tongue, gently withdrawing for a sec to breathe on the clitoral hood, and then flicking the tip of my tongue firmly over her Clitoris for a few moments. Darting my tongue between her lips, I lap up her moistness, intent on fully tasting all her sweet nectar.
    I wrap my lips around her Clitoris, playfully swirling the tip of my tongue over it, and gently, teasingly sucking on it
    To heighten the feel, I slide a finger deep in her slippery love tunnel. Holding it deep inside her for a moment, then caressing in and out of her. I press my tongue more firmly against her Clitoris, whipping it firmly over it with my tip, and then wrapping my lips around it, sucking on it intensely.
    Her breathing has become more rabid and groans more urgent.
    I feel her getting close, and slide a second finger in her deep, seeking out her G-spot. Caressing the fingers in and out of her hard and fast, feeling her lips tighten around me
    Feeling her close, I press my tongue firmly against her Clitoris, inviting her to grind my tongue,
    At this point, I feel her push me to the floor with her lowering her pussy in position to ride my face. My tongue reaches out for her Clitoris; she rides my tongue with her lips, letting me lap up her cream. Then positions her Clitoris in a position to be perfectly stimulated, gyrating her hips as my tongue presses firmly against it. Slowly at first, then faster, my hands reaching up playing with her breasts and clasping at her nipples as she looses control.
    She shudders with an intense Climax, soaking my face, and leaving me the pleasure to lap up all her pristine cream, and sharing her taste in the most sensual kiss.................

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