forced anal

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    first of all the forced anal is considered to be a fetish and a need
    its biggest advance that it can be done by all types of masters and slaves

    how it is done ?
    1-make sure that your slave in the right position :
    can be done in doggy style , deep impact , deep stick , down stroke , launch pad , screw , piston , Viennese Oyster Sex Position

    2 - if you have widen it already so start by fingering
    this is not for widen but for preparing the slave for the insertion
    after all if you forced it in the wrong way it will cause a shock making it impossible at all

    3 - not wide then grab your toys and start working on the slave
    Inflatable Butt-Plugs are the best in this case , spanking and pulling the ass checks are good too , use lupe but not alot after all you wanna the slave to feel the pain

    4 - insert it and give the slave chance to scream or cry , if you are a real sado you will enjoy this , your slave also will be happy to feel the pain

    5 - start inc your speed , read your slave body know when to go fast and when to slow down

    6- cum inside ( for our lesbo sisters-in-arms this function is available only by special kinds of strapons ) cumming in will give viscosity and will help doing things easier

    ( optinal ) 7 - let the slave taste its rectum by your cock

    thnx and enjoy

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