What are your slave's rules? (Male Doms)

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by OwnedSlavegirl, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. OwnedSlavegirl

    OwnedSlavegirl New Member

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    I would like to hear from other Master's what there most important rules are for there slaves. If you can also list the punishment that goes with disobeying that specific rule, that would be helpful. Daily tasks are also welcome.

    My Master and I (we are new to this) are trying to figure out which rules we want to use first. We are going to start slow and have five rules (it was originally going to be 3 but he wants 5 now) to try out for the first two weeks, and then he will add more as he sees fit.

    Our first rule, is NO back talk of any kind. This includes no arguing with, name calling, eye rolling, etc. We probably need to set more specifics for this rule as I'm not entirely sure what else would constitute as no back-talking. This is the only rule we have set thus far as he wants to make sure he is training me to be the best slave I can be.

    So, Dom's/Master's what are your rules? What will you absolutely NOT tolerate from your slave/sub?

    --- Note, we are still very new to this lifestyle. He has been playing the Dom role in sex for the past year and just now brought up that he wants to make it long-term. I agreed enthusiastically. I have an overwhelming desire to please him and to have him control just about every aspect of my life. That being said, I have not been properly trained. I'm used to being able to back-talk him, roll my eyes at him, and be generally disrespectful and get away with it. Things are changing now and it's a huge change, but one that I find I am welcoming. By nature, I have always been an argumentative person. It's going to take some serious training to change that aspect of me. Like I said though, I want to please him and I am welcoming this change in my behavior.

    If you would also like to share training techniques, please do. Thank you all!

    Another question if you are a sub/slave how do you treat other men who are not your Master? Are you respectful to them at all times? Does this just depend on the Master? I'm confused on that issue.
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  2. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

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    I'll see if Tall wants to reply, but I'll respond to your sub bit.

    I am respectful to everyone, of course, but I do not see reason to 'respect' all other men as doms. There are a ton of male subs (maybe more than fsubs), and plenty more who are just vanilla. Other than general respect, I don't see any reason to treat them differently just because I am a sub and they are male. If it were anything, I'd treat everyone with great you-are-better-than-I respect, seeing as being less respectful to dominant females (or submissive, seeing as 'all males' includes subs) would be silly.

    Also, I don't want to sound critical, but 'no back talk' is a strange rule to me. That seems like it should just be a polite/respectful thing in any relationship. If there's regularly eye-rolling and name calling in your conversations, that's something you should probably be talking about.
  3. Tallest

    Tallest New Member

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    I don't make small respect other men, she's my Sub and not theirs. I don't let them boss her around, either.

    And like small said, no back talk is a strange thing to have a rule for, you shouldn't have eye rolling and back talk anyways, that's something you need to have a discussion about outside of BDSM.

    I don't have any specific rules to add, though, other than that you could have her kneel to greet you when you come home, or visually submit otherwise. Every relationship's different that way.
  4. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    It's important to realize that punishment, as opposed to discipline, is not a one-size-fits-all situation. Punishment needs to be personalized for each slave--what works as punishment for one slave will be too pleasurable for another to work.
  5. Roland

    Roland Member

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    Regarding the no back-talk rule, I will explain a bit about my relationship with my wife. For years, we have butted heads over sometimes trivial, sometimes major things. Now, if she has an issue, she tries to be polite and respectful in how she presents her case. That makes me feel like I am not being attacked, and then I can actually HEAR her. Previously, things would just escalate out of control and then we would realize how stupid it all was later.

    As for other rules, hopefully my PMs helped a bit, but each person is different and your dom will have to find out what pleases him.
  6. Her-sir

    Her-sir New Member

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    Her and I are fairly new but here are a couple of my rules for her. They might seem silly but they work for us.

    She is to sleep nude at all times. There are only a couple exceptions to that rule. 1 would be sick kids and the other would be during her period then it is one specific pair of shorts only, a subtle "this ride closed for maintenance" sign if you will.

    She is to wake me in the morning by kissing me on the back of the neck. This one is just the first thing of the day for both of us to remember who is who in the relationship.

    She is to offer to service me prior to me getting up in the morning, It is my choice if or how it happens but the offer is to be made.

    She is to wash me in the shower.

    Tasks - I will send a text a couple times per week for a specific picture. The only thing I am open to is a question about the time frame to aquire the picture. We have a business and kids so I do cut her some slack on the time demand if needed. Example: Go to the restroom at the store you are at insert your fingers and send me the picture, You have 5 minutes.

    None of these might work for you but they work for us.
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  7. Moonlight

    Moonlight Member

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    Hmmm honestly we do not have any hard rules. It may be because he does not want to or maybe because I grew up in a home with a lot of domestic violence. Not just the smacking around now and then but my dad having a knife and trying to kill my mom type. She got out of it when I was 10 but still certain things trigger memories I dont care to remember.

    But I do have respect for my husband. I put him first in everything. I make his plate when it is a casserole but with things I know he likes to do himself I simply hand him his plate. I dont know a lot of this stuff seems basic married stuff though. LOL
  8. Winter

    Winter New Member

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    I think i understand the back-talk thing a little bit... I'm pretty good at it my self, but not always in a disrespectful manner. my partner is not my Dom, for the most part he doesn't even know I have an interest in this stuff... Although he is starting to become a little sus (whole other story there) But anyway back to the back-chat sort of stuff... He may ask me to do something and me being the arguable thing I am will occasionally refuse. It could be as simple as getting off the couch to get him a drink and I'll just tell him to go get his own, he has arms and legs and last I checked they both worked. to me that is a form of back-chat.
    he may say something that I don't agree with that could and usually is rather trivial and I'll roll my eyes at him and tell him "Whatever you reckon" again not overly disrespectful more just a bratty response of disagreeing. The same can be said for the previous example of getting him a drink. If I do it I may just roll my eyes at him and say something bratty but still do it. Again in my book a form of back chat. No back-chat in this scenario would be simple getting up and getting him a drink without argument or negative/sarcastic comment.

    To me back-cat is anything that is said or done in a bratty but not disrespectful manner regardless of if you carry through on the action itself or not. To me disrespect comes in to the tone of voice. Similar to being called names I guess the tone of voice it is delivered with can make all the difference in how it is meant and how it makes the other person feel. I hope that makes sense....

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