Ideas for humiliation a slave (used by newbie couple)

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by newdk, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. newdk

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    Hi there,

    We are new to this forum, but hope to get some ideas / inspiration through here. We are a couple (m / f) at both 31 and not much experience with BDSM :confused:

    The thing is that, we have come in contact with a mature guy (slave) who wants to be dominated and abused/humiliated, to the slightly more pervert side - but we do not have much experience with this.

    We have some ideas, but we would like to have even more. It's not spanking we are looking for, but alternative methods of humiliation. He is particularly interested in deep ass lick, watersports and nipple playing. But he made ​​himself freely available to what we can do :D

    We have these ideas right now (it also provides an idea of ​​what he is up to)

    - Forced deep oral / gag
    - Slave fucked by Strapon, while he blow M
    - Slave fucked by M, while he rimming F
    - Facesitting while pissing
    - Pissing in slave mouth / face (from both M and F)
    - Cum cleaning after M cum inside here
    - Spit
    - M cum in here ass, and facesit slave afterwards so he can get the cum
    - Clamps (but not sure how/where to use them)

    Slave will be blinded during the entire session, and we can do what we want with him. We are looking for alternative things we can humiliate him.

    We will be happy if any one will share any ideas :)

    newdk :eek:
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  2. sebastian

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    So this is a fairly common question that new kinksters ask. There are variations, like 'what should I have my slave do?', but they're all basically the same question: what should I have my sub do or do to my sub? This is a totally understandable question, but it shows that you're thinking about the issue the wrong way.

    The question you've asked shows that you're thinking of being dominant over someone as a sort of role playing game, like a How to Host a Murder party, where you pretend to be someone you're not (like a 1920s English aristocrat) and spend a couple hours figuring out who's the murderer. So you want to know what you should say and do to act the part properly. What do I do to act like a dominant?

    But if you think about being dominant this way, you're always going to view it as something separate from yourself, and it's going to be work thinking up new and cruel things to do to your sub. That's gonna drain a lot of the pleasure out of BDSM because it's going to become an obligation.

    A better way to think about it is to ask yourself "what do I want to do to my sub?" This question makes the issue about who you are as a dom and what you find arousing. It forces you to connect to all those desires and urges that you feel that society has trained you not to feel. You want to order people to do things for you, but society teaches us that it's bad to be selfish, so you learn not to order people to do things for you. You like hurting people, but society teaches us that's wrong, so we learn not to hurt people. Being dominant is about getting in touch with those dark, socially unacceptable urges and letting them out with people who are willing to receive those urges.

    Let me give you an example. I like torturing guys, especially beating them with crops and canes. I like being verbally abusive. I like ass-fucking. I like having my body worshipped and my balls licked. So when I play with my slave, those things are usually central to what we do. I beat him, I fuck him hard, I tell him what a worthless sack of shit he is and how much I enjoy making him scream and cry. I order him to worship my body and get between my legs and lick my balls as I jack off. These things make me feel very powerful and it gets me hard.

    But there are things I don't enjoy. I'm sort of so-so on bondage. I know how to do it at an intermediate level, but I find it's a lot of work, it takes the spontaneity out of play, and by itself it doesn't make me feel any strong emotions (although torturing a boy who's tied up and can't get away arouses me). So even though my slave likes bondage, I don't do it very often (maybe once a month or so). When I do tie him up, it's often became I think he deserves a treat or I'm in a special mood.

    Similarly, I haven't really been able to connect emotionally with flogging. For me, flogging is a lot of work, because I'm not yet skilled enough to be 100% certain that I'm only going to hit what I'm aiming for; so I have to be careful as I flog, and that makes it harder for me to cut loose and get to the visceral emotions that beating brings up for me. So while I like flogging in theory, in practice I'm not really there yet, and so I don't do it as much (also, our apartment doesn't have a really good space for flogging). So, again, I only do it occasionally, as a treat for my slave.

    Nor do I get off on objectification. Treating my slave as a footstool doesn't do anything for me. So I don't do it at all.

    But you might really enjoy bondage, flogging, and objectification. Your kinks and my kinks might not line up very closely. So I can't tell you how to humiliate your sub because I'm not you and I don't know what dominance means to you. Only you can know how being dominant makes you feel, and that's what you need to figure out to be dominant.

    So you need to think what it is about humiliation that turns you on. Why do you want to humiliate this slave? Does it make you feel powerful? Does it feel like turning the tables (I love the idea of humiliating cocky jocks, because it's about stripping them of their usual power)? Does it make you feel like the Prince of Darkness? Does it make you feel like a spoiled brat? Once you know what interests you about humiliation, you're likely to figure out what you want to do fairly easily. If you're unsure, lie back on your bed and just fantasize about whatever humiliating stuff comes into your mind and gets you hard. Make note of them, and then figure out which ones you can do without harming the sub or violating his consent (or the consent of any potential witnesses).

    And if you can't think of anything humiliating that really turns you on, that might be a sign that humiliation isn't one of your kinks, and that you're not well matched with that sub.
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  3. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    After saying all that, however, let me give you a script for a first scene. I've used this script dozens of times with a new sub, and I think it works well. If you don't know what to do, do this and then experiment with the parts that really turn you on. I know you're a couple, so I'm going to assume that you're both being dominant with this sub. If one of you is more submissive, then s/he gets to act as an assistant.

    Have the sub stand in the middle of the room and slowly undress. Tell him what to take off next. Make it clear that this is about you enjoying the view. Stop him when he gets down to his underwear.

    Stand up and walk around him exploring his body with your hands. Make comments about which parts are in good shape and which need work. You can look in his mouth like he was livestock. The point here is to make him feel exposed, vulnerable, and not in control of his own body. Eventually, pull his underwear off so he's totally naked.

    Then inspect his cock, balls, and ass. Is he soft? Make fun of him for not getting it up. Is he hard? Make fun of him for being so turned on by the way you're degrading him. Examine his ass; stick a finger up it. Comment on how tight his hole is. If he's ok with some pain, slap his cock once or twice.

    Then make him kneel and lick your boots. After a minute, press his face into your boots and tell him he damn well better work harder at licking your boots if he wants to go any further; demand that he impress you. Make fun of him for being a boot licker. If you have a collar and leash, you can put it on him to give you more control over what he's licking.

    Eventually drag his face up to your crotch and tell him that if he wants to see what's in there, he better do a great job of chewing on your crotch. Once he starts, tell him he's boring you and he better work harder. The point here is to make him feel like he's not doing a good enough job and that he needs to work harder.

    Eventually, let him see your cock (or your pussy, if the woman is domming), and ask him if he wants it. He'll say yes, but make him beg for it. Hold his face an inch or two away from it and tease him by keeping him just out of tongue range.

    At this point, you can just go for the obvious and make him do oral, or you can up the humiliation by taking into your bathroom, making him kneel in the tub, and then pissing on him. Do this mean. Laugh at him; tell him that he's not good for anything except being a filthy urinal. Make him lick the last drops off your cock. Make him thank you for using him as a urinal. If one of you is being a sub, piss on both of them and make them lick each other clean. (Unless you want to get piss on your floor or your bedsheets, you'll have to find some way to get him clean--maybe tell him to take a quite shower because he's disgusting and needs to clean up).

    At this point, take the scene wherever you want to go with it. If you're feeling fairly horny, move on to sex. If not, demand body worship, more boot licking, ass licking (make sure your ass is clean…) or whatever else feels good. If you like pain, use a crop and work on his ass (you do have a crop, don't you?). Whatever you do, be verbal about it. Tell him he's not working hard enough, tell him he should be grateful for this treatment, tell him he's a disgusting pervert for wanting this, tell him he's worthless. It helps to sound angry, even if you're not feeling angry at all. (If you are feeling angry, don't get carried away; BDSM is not something to do out of sheer anger.)

    This whole scene, of course, assumes that he's consented to all the different things you're doing. If he's put something off limits, take that out of the script.

    My script isn't hard and fast. It's meant to be a model to give you ideas and help you figure out what things really turn you on. So if you find the bootlicking boring, cut it short or take it out all together. Use this to connect to your own dominance and make this script your own.
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