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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by bittersweetsub, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. bittersweetsub

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    This Saturday im going to my first fetish party feeling very nervous and im not really sure what to expect ..i'v been reading some beginner guides to bdsm even tho i have done somethings in the past i have finally come to terms with myself that its more than just a one time experimental time in my life.

    Its something i want to make part of my life. Im afraid of chickening out thew last minute cause im going by myself and i dont do many thing by myself so i feel like im over thinking things and it's putting more pressure on me i like to socialize but im afraid to say the wrong thing, and i feel like im going to stand alone the hole night.
  2. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    Just observe the basics of dungeon parties--don't interrupt a scene, don't initiate play with someone without asking permission, and don't touch other people's stuff without permission. If you're nervous, perhaps ask one of the people running it to introduce you to a few appropriate people (if you're a sub, doms with a good reputation, if you're a dom, a sub who's free to play). Be honest about being new--everyone starts somewhere--and ask the person you're playing with to go over any rules that might not be obvious.
  3. Lucdante55

    Lucdante55 New Member

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    good luck with your first adventure

    think of it as learning to fly freestyle. you have a desire to be 'authentic' and explore the subtle depths of your sexuality. my partner and I are embarking on a similar pathway, exciting isn't it.

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