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Discussion in 'Safety aspects of BDSM' started by decoyicus, Oct 31, 2011.

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    So I have A few questions about enemas. Recently I have been administering them to my submissive, mostly to clean him out before anal play but also for A bit of fun. So far the most I have filled him with is 1 1/2 gallon, which seamed to fill him up quite A bit his little belly was very puffed out. I have been reading about the safety elements of enemas and came across A few things that I found rather alarming, probably the most scary I came across was that A large enough enema can offset the chemical balance of the body and make a person very ill, so my first question is how big can an enema be while still being safe ? (he is around 5 10' and about 130 pounds if it helps). I also read that adding A little liquid soap to the enema can make it more uncomfortable for the recipient while still being safe, so I was wondering exactly how uncomfortable this is ? and exactly what constitutes "A little" ? I also wanted to know if it was possible to administer one too quickly ? My final question is about cramping, I have been making him retain his enema's for around 5 - 10 minuets and noticed with the larger ones he was cramping up quite a bit, so my question is whether this is normal ? and if there is a way I can eliminate it or cause it depending on whether I want him to suffer or not ?. I would appreciate any answers you can give me.
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    That is definitely defining new limits...

    The problem with enemas, with excess, they do strip the natural and needed bacteria of the digestive system. Just as there is bad bacteria, there is good. Yogurt has many cultures and bacteria needed for individuals with irregularity as their system is not operating correctly.

    When receiving a lower GI exam, the same process is introduced with larger amounts of floral fluids being pushed into the lower intestines. Afterwards, there is the long lived expulsion of the fluids. Per instructions, medical response is to replenish the bodies bacteria.

    I would be very careful administering that amount. The body can take it in, no problem. The issue comes from extended practice as the body will begin to become stripped of its lining and needed bacteria. More research and questioning medically qualified persons may be something to seek...
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    I don't think I will be administering that amount again, it made him more uncomfortable than I would like.

    I had come across the information about excessive enemas during my research and decided to only administer them to him occasionally now.

    I have been doing quite a bit of research, however I have been having trouble finding information from trusted source without being bogged down in a great deal of medical jargon. I would like to talk to someone medically qualified about this, I tried asking my friend who is a medical student however she could not help me, I would really like to speak to a doctor or a nurse about this however I don't know any personally and it's been a while since I went to see my GP.

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    Perhaps speaking with a clinician during an appointment otherwise for something else? Bringing it up as a "while I am here and have you to ask..." seems to work nicely! It's very professional in request and response!

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    *ahem* I too had some Q's about enemas, but instead of posting a new thread, I thought I'd ask here. How uncomfortable are enemas? (excuse the noobness) ...I think a smaller one (that doesn't make your belly all distended) would be exciting and perhaps pleasurable... But my friend just told me how crazy I am for even thinking about doing something so painful :/
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    Forever, a "small" enema is not painful, especially if you are not in need of one, i.e. you are not constipated. You can usually buy small enema's at the local corner store (CVS, Walgreens).

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    I'm guessing a turkey baster would not be a good means of getting an enema?

    There's an Ace Hardware store that also has a pharmacy and convenience store inside that I was planning on making a stop to before my next hotel room visit with E... Thinking I should make seperate stops at different stores, because purchasing personal lubricant, rope and an enema might cause some raised eyebrows. Teehee!

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    As with any new experience, start small, and go from there. I am certain the pressure will help provide more stimulation in other areas during play as well. If that is not enough, easily graduate to larger ones.
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    Forever, in my opinion a turkey baster is not what you want and may even detract from the experience. If you are going to experiment, spend the few dollars more and do it right :) And I think we have all been in that situation where we have to make a few stops to pick up what we need. Or, we throw in a few items we don't need to try and conceal the fun stuff, lol.

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    Exploring2dark, I was thinking the same thing:) I figure it would be an interesting experience, either way. Would I need a buttplug to prevent leakage if I wanted to do other activities with the enema in?

    Firmhand, it's not really the money, I just heard of use of a turkey baster in some erotica I was reading. LOL. But I think a real enema would probably be better, as a turkey baster is slightly large for me.

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    Some things to consider about keeping any foreign substance in our bodies during play or other wise.. How long do you plan to, and what substance. If anything synthetic that can be absorbed through contact will it cause damaging side effects is always a safety concern. If you plan to hold the substance for any duration, you need to make sure it is not held for any time longer then what your body would normally expel what it is supposed to. So, in short, depending on what you use, I would not use it for any duration beyond normal play sessions to start. After that, take it in small time increase as you do, and do not go beyond what you would normally during a normal bodily expulsion of fluids or substances.

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    I was actually thinking about using tap water, but figured that whatever solution comes with the enema would be safer... And I was thinking of keeping it in for 5-15 minutes... And what do you mean "longer than what your body would normally expel what it is supposed to?"

    Hmmm... Looks like I need to do more research before I try it :confused: Thank you for the warning! I try to be very cautious about what goes into my body... I'm even weary of using silicone or plastic toys! Lol.

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    Tap water should be fine, even saline solution. The 5-15 minutes should be absolutely fine as well. Just pay attention to how ones body handles it.

    What I mean by "longer then what your body would normally expel what it supposed to" is that by which a bowel movement would normally occur. Each person is different, and taking one person who would normally have, say, one after a meal, to then hold an enema beyond a half day or even several days, would impact the bowels and intestines, which is not good. I have heard of some holding enemas in for a couple days, which is why I suggest not pushing ones body beyond what it normally experiences with the bowels and intestines.

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