999 Reasons why I Love Enemas...

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    Having produced about 150 enema films, not surprisingly I get asked all the time about what the appeal of enemas is for me...

    I won't give you 999 Reasons, haha, but just the top reasons. Top reasons depend on the category :

    Giving enemas

    Top reason: Enemas as a shortcut to intimacy

    After a person gives a first round of enemas to someone else, especially together with massage and/or erotic play, there can a fabulous "after-glow" from the sudden jump in the level of intimacy. Quite a high! It can feel like that "first sexual experience", or that "first falling in love"...

    Receiving enemas

    Top reason: Sensation and fantasies

    The penetration, the fullness, the triggering of memories and wild fantasies...

    Doing enemas in films for an enema-loving audience

    Top reason: Deep disappointment at the existing enema films by other producers

    As you might have read in my other posts, the lack and poor quality of existing enema films is what initially led me to start what became my production company, and a website.

    Doing enemas in films for BDSM audiences that aren't enema enthusiasts

    Top reason: Enemas are a powerful TOOL in BDSM

    After spanking, bondage, paddling, sex, whipping, toys, machines, caning, hot wax, etc. etc., an enema (especially in hogtie bondage) REVS UP THE VOLUME of the BDSM session! That's why 100% of our films for our newer site, feature enemas -- even though they aren't directed to an "enema audience". (It's not just because we love enemas )

    The above isn't a complete listing of reasons, by any means. I might add more later...

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