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Discussion in 'Safety aspects of BDSM' started by francis_kitten, Jun 9, 2009.

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    I've been searching the web for the past couple of hours and I cannot for the life of me nail down and answer to a slippery question. My fiance and I would like to start a family in the distant future but we're a little concerned that striking my testicles in any fashion would inhibit that. Is there any literature on the effects of CBT and male fertility easily obtained? The limited information I've found goes both ways. Some places say that the testes can recover from minor to medium hits while others claim that repeated hits, no matter the strength, will lead to infertility.

    For as important as men make our their balls to be, it doesn't make sense to see almost an absence of information within the BDSM community. I'll freely admit looking in the wrong places, but an hour or two trying to get google to show me what I want is extremely frustrating.
  2. Seattledom

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    I seriously doubt any real research has gone into this. There is very little truly empirical studies on anything connected to BDSM.
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    I've been kicked in the testicles so much I doubt I will have children. Although the future does look promising. Perhaps we will be able to take the genes from your cells and inject them directly into the egg.....

    or go to a sperm bank and make a deposit.
  4. Seattledom

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    The sperm bank isn't a bad idea, just store some on ice, then do what ever damage you like without fear.
  5. francis_kitten

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    Not to hijack my own thread but I'm curious to know why there hasn't been more interest in researching various issues of BDSM. Its not like there are so few of us in the professional world theses days. Is it more of the social stigma or fear of it that prevents potentially needed research and studies from taking place?
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    There could be some bad voodoo... :D
  7. Nyx

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    Coming from a psych and research background, I can also add that it's probably a difficult subject to study. I mean, what method would a researcher use that would be considered ethical? In many ways the things we choose to do in this lifestyle would be rejected as 'unstable' by an ethics committee.
  8. KinkyPink

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    Ethics committee? One member is getting spanked by a hooker in a motel room and one lost her virginity to a dog :D That's your ethics committee.

    Not studying the subject doesn't make any sense, people are gonna do it anyway.
  9. pepeluism

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    Just read this... my experience on the matter...


    I just read this and wanted to share what I know on this. Not actual research or anything, just my experience.

    From the time when I started doing this BDSM thing, when I was 18, I have experienced all sorts of CBT.

    Before I had children, my testicles were kicked until I passed out, whipped black and blue, burned with cigarretes, and more. I have been led by a rope tied to my testicles, I have pulled heavy things using a rope tied to my testicles (like a bowling ball, for example).

    I have ended up at the hospital twice with swollen testicles and such, but that's the worse I've had to deal with.

    I had no problems having children.

    Afterwards, I've had the same types of torture applied to my testicles, plus I have also had a dog's shock collar tied around the balls and shocked repeatedly. I can't tell you for sure if that will affect fertility, but things seem to be working just fine.
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  11. Precious

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    The sperm ban seems like your safest idea, I'm not sure how much money it costs though, but i mean you could always ask a doctor, maybe in a different sense not "hey, i wanna get whipped in my testes is that okay for my future children" but raise concern like "Because of what I do in my life, I have received many blows to my scrotum, will this effect my future decisions to have children?" oorr soemthing like that
  12. sillylittlepet

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    A man's body is constantly making sperm, I'm pretty sure you could have to do unbelievable damage to them to become infertile.
    There's a special that came out a few years ago on behavioral evolution in humans, and in one study a group of Swedish men tried to see how hot they needed to make their testicles in order to be infertile. After a few months their sperm count went down to practically zero. They stopped the experiment and several months later their sperm count had returned to normal.

    I'll try to see if I can find it again! I watched it for my biology class
  13. Precious

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    That is AMAZING Silly, i have no idea why it is, but it totally is!! It's all about the survival of a species I guess huh
  14. sillylittlepet

    sillylittlepet Active Member

    that male sperm is really something eh?
    Sometimes I wish my master could participate in the birth control aspect a little, I mean, obviously I dont want him to put his testicles in a bowl of boiling water or anything, but I wish there was a male birth control that reduced the sperm count
  15. Precious

    Precious Member

    I think they actually are making one!! I learned about it in my health class, oh i can't remember it...but i wouldn't find it to reliable of course since its probably only a test product.

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