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    I've been thinking that at some point I would like to try CBT when I actually have a domme, but I don't know what the most dangerous forms of CBT are and which ones are the safest. I need to know which forms of it I am absolutely not willing to do and the ones that I am willing to do, but it's a bit difficult to know when I have not experienced CBT.

    My main concern is damage to the balls. I honestly don't care about fertility at all, but anything that might result in me passing out, vomiting, or possibly dying is mainly what I am concerned about. I've seen places online to buy ball crushers and ball vises. They looked frightening to say the least and I could not understand how those things could possibly be safe, but there must be a safe way to use them.

    I'm just trying to decide which forms of CBT belong in my hard limits category and which ones I would be willing to try. Any information about this would be appreciated.
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    Very heavy impact to the testicles can be bad--in a few recorded cases men have died from that sort of trauma. So avoid things that combine extreme force and rapid impact. Doing one or the other is probably ok. So heavy squeezing or pressure is ok unless it ruptures the testicle. Rapid slaps with a hand or crop is ok as long as the striker doesn't put her whole body into it.

    Beyond that, bondage is good as long as you remove it when the body temperature starts to drop or serious discolorization sets in. Clothespins on the cock and balls are popular, and electro or hot wax are fun if you like that.
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    Thank you for the recommendations. They were very helpful. Is there a lot less risk involved in cock torture than ball torture? If there is, maybe it would be wise if I kept ball torture as a hard limit, which is something that I have thought about.
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    Ball torture is a lot of fun. Like most types of BDSM, just employ some moderation and common sense and you're not likely to get in real trouble. Cock torture is also fun--slap, use a crop, use a cock flogger (not a full-sized one), clothespins, and more.

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