Can i really make some money by doing webcam shows?

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    Not sure if it's a good idea, so i decided to ask it first

    Can i really make some money by performing on sites like Chaturbate and others (there're plenty of those nowadays). I've read some guidelines and suggestions at
    webmodel's blog , just wanted to get a word from someone who tried it (not a pro).

    Can I make at least $500/week with it?
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    Maybe, maybe not. It depends how popular you get, how much time you spend on camera, and how good your camera presence is.

    It is hard to break out as a cam model, there are literally thousands. On the other hand, there is a lot of money going in, and although it's hard to get to the point where it's your only job or where it's making a really high living, it's not hard to get some money coming in. I'd say easily $80 a day. Generally you'll make good money in your first week because places will feature you as a new person, then it'll drop off and you'll have to work it up until you have regular clients.

    I did if for about two months, and I'd like to continue but I haven't been healthy enough to work lately, and thus haven't been up to getting on camera.

    And just fyi, there are several sites that have been revealed to abuse their models (not pay out, take back tokens the girls had been paid for no reason, not intervene when people kept making accounts to harass certain girls (or even block the first one), not monitor for underage/bestiality, and so on and so on).
    Two sites I know have not been under speculation are Chaturbate and MyFreeCams, which I know several models that use and enjoy, and is where I have my account. Chaturbate allows males/couples, MFC will kick you if a male is ever onscreen.

    I know you weren't looking for professional opinions but littlelotte-xo on tumblr is usually pretty good for answering beginner questions, as well as a few other girls in her circle.
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    Thx for the post - lots of useful information for me

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