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    So, does anyone else write regularly? I know I could pull a few usernames from the library, but I'd like to see who doesn't post and/or writes non-BDSM-related works. If you do write, do you post any online and, out of curiousity, where?

    Personally, I like writing short stories (think 200-20,000 words), fantasy or fairly realistic. SM's been played on in some, but not yet have I used it as a main element. This year I participated in NaNoWriMo for fun, and wrote a 54,100ish word piece, although it wasn't exactly refined. Shorter pieces are a lot easier to edit, at least...
    And I post some of my writing on Lunaescence (writing archive), but not a lot. Technically it's a fanfiction archive, but it has a commendable section for Original Fiction and Nonfiction works as well, and I like the organization better than most others that I've read/posted on.

    Anyway, again, I was just curious if anyone else writes much for fun or in hopes f publishing, and what you write.
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  2. Ceilidh

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    A couple of years ago I started writing an autobiography of what my life was like growing up. The problems I faced and overcame, basically an understanding of how and why I am who I am. I never finished due to the personal nature of the story and how emotionally hard it is fir me to write about that time in my life.

    I still have hopes to finish it one day. But I don't see that happening in the next few years.

    Oh and kodus for nanowrimo!! I thought about doing that to help finish my book but I decided not to since it was already pre planned and against the rules. Also last November I was battling heartbreak, depression, and a severe loss. I wasn't in the healthiest of mindsets.
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    I've caught a bit about your happenings in other threads, Ceilidh. I don't like saying I'm sorry for things I didn't affect, but it was sad to read about, and I am.

    I know what you mean about not being able to finish something like that. I started writing a third-person story about an.... experience I had, and i couldn't pass the introductory story.

    Other than journalling and that piece, I usually write (and read) for escape, although I've done some enjoyable essaying and read such things as well. So, basically, I get caught up in all kinds of fantasy and such, and either pieces that go being written as a one-off quick story, or something that I write bits and pieces and edit and rewrite over years. I have one short that I hate the premise now, but in the months to write the first draft, I adored it. I then hated part of the writing and editted that out. Then, finally, I rewrote and lengthened the whole thing greatly. Now I, again, hate the premise and can't finish writing it, but it's nagging at me in its incompletion since it's taken so much time and is a story I know from my heart. Probably the one-off stories are easier for me, but I want to start another like that, except maybe one I can actually stick with.

    My Nano project, by the way, ended up being a rather odd representation of my writing and life. It's completely fictional, but it's not until going back and reading it over, or my Master pointing it out to me, that I realized how certain themes were played, even if none of the story paralleled my life in any way.

    I'm just rambling at this point. I love writing, and this is writing about writing, so...
  4. Ceilidh

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    My story is from my point of view. My character I named Anessa Andrews. I want my story based on truth, but personal things changed, like names of key characters (which is everyone) and dates...

    The things I was trying to write about happened over several years time and I was trying to combine things to make the story more interesting but also make the story long enough for several books- like each year through high school and how I battled an at the time unknown depression. And nobody knew. But back to trying to combine things, like how I found the truth out about my father and the boyfriends I ended up dating - everyone of them used me in some way, sex, money, car.

    But if I remember right I wasn't exactly in the most healthy mental place when I last tried writing and stopped. Maybe if I were to try again I might be able to get some of more difficult things out.
  5. Smallest

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    I had my names changed and dates were fuzzy, but nonetheless barely started.

    It can certainly help. I found- with journalling and writing to others, not with what I tried to write- that writing things down, choosing words, things like that, made me think about it differently than I had before, and kind of figure myself out better.
  6. Ceilidh

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    I agree. Even though I realized my boyfriends were using me, after looking back at the situations I was looking for a guy to love me like my father should have. I'm not saying I was looking for a guy my age to be my father, just looking for male acceptance. And just something to stare me in the face and make me realize I wasn't a mistake that should have been corrected.
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    I'm writing a screenplay right now. Only Top knows I'm doing it...and he is the only one that has read parts of it. It started out as just writing to get the story out of my head, Top found it and made me continue writing and suggested I turn it into a screenplay. We'll see if anyone likes it enough to film it...maybe.:confused:
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    This thread died, but I was going to link my account on a writing/fanfic archive (my writing's non fanfic, but there you go). The bio on it isn't probably accurate, I wrote it.. a while ago, and I haven't looked at it.
    In case anyone's interested. All short stories, two SM-themed ones are in moderation, they'll be up when they get through. You can review them there without making an account, iff you decide to read anything.

    Unrelated to the above, but maybe hoping to inspire more discussion here:

    I've been writing more lately, because I get free time in my english lecture to write. The prof makes sure we write, but it doesn't matter what. So it's personal things, and erotica, and random bits and pieces, and so on. Whatever's interesting me.

    I'm glad I'm getting more time for it allotted, it helps me relax. And I was getting way, way out of the loop. It feels nice to start up again.
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    I used to write when I was younger but I've traded it in for reading. I am an avid reader and I fear that at this point anything I try to write would be a mish mosh of all I have read. I can kill a book rather quickly, and have been known to sit up all night to finish one.

    I do keep somewhat of a journal, a private email that I use as such. I find it therapeutic for keeping my emotional side in check. I vent and I feel better. It was the best way to keep my own thoughts private and safe and away from my (ex) husband.
  10. Smallest

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    I try to do both, I get lonely without reading.
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    Well I would love to share author lists with you.

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