Any ideas for boot worship?

Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by ImperialConditioning, Jan 4, 2012.

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    I've recently been thinking more and more about boot worship, which is a longtime fetish of mine. My Mistress has quite the collection, and I've been made to clean them with my tongue on a number of occasions. I'm wondering if anyone has tried any interesting scenarios specific to this fetish? Other than the humiliation of being on my knees running my tongue all over them and kissing them we haven't gone into deeper psychological territory. Suggestions?
  2. JettOnly

    JettOnly Member

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    Blowjob on the heel before she threatens to analy rape you with the heel?

    Making you cum on her boots while she talls you what a looser you are that you can only get off on her boots - then of course licking it up

    Her making you worship ugly nasty stinky boots

    Having you look after her boots, polish them, bring them to her and put them on her every day, worship them at the end of the day then take them off, clean them and put them away

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    All very good suggestions Jett...

    Ooh is it safe getting analy raped by a heel? I see it in videos, but I would think it might be jagged, no?

    Cumming/licking-up has been done many times and is always a favorite of mine, especially after being denied for days (hopefully weeks at some point!) and having a huge load to shoot.

    Have not yet worshipped really old nasty stinky ones, but that's always an option.

    I love the ritualistic aspects of the last suggestion, I just have to see if she would care to have all of that done on a regular basis...I know I sure would love to perform it!
  4. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    Imperial, boots that are actually used for walking around in (even if just during a scene) are probably not very safe for anal fucking. Most boot heels have some sharp (or at least rough) points, and they probably have a variety of unpleasant substances on them. My guess is that if you saw it in a porn film, they used a boot that they had specially prepared for the purpose by sanding the heel down. Remember that porn films usually edit out all the safety procedures.

    Has your mistress trained you in how to get her boots on and off? Every good slave should learn this and perform it as a service, since boots can be an effort to put on and take off, especially in tight-fitting leather outfits.

    Here's the basic process as it's done by gay leathermen. For a leatherwoman, the process might be slightly different, but you too can explore and improvise the details.

    When a boy puts my boots on (and these are army boots, just go up to mid-calf. Thigh-highs might require something else), I sit down and hold out my leg. My boy stands facing away from me straddling my leg and tightens his legs around mine so that my leg is supported by his (it's tiring holding a leg out like that without support). He straightens my sock, brushes any dirt off the sole of my foot, and has me angle my foot down (so the toes are pointed outward rather than up). He then looses the boot and slides it over my foot (which takes real practice on both parts to achieve). He then tightens the laces snuggly (checking with me to make sure it's not too tight), wraps the laces around my calf (they're pretty long laces), and ties them. Then we repeat with the other foot.

    There are lots of things you could add to this process, depending on the dynamics of your mistress' boots. You might kneel and kiss the feet before and/or after putting the boots on. You might beg permission to touch her feet or her boots before you start. You might give them a quick polish before or after. And, of course, since your ass is facing your mistress, you ought to be working out to make it a pleasant view for her.

    In particular, I recommend this anytime you two go out in leather (or even just for a nice dinner or whatever). Once she's dressed, go over her outfit with a lint roller or a soft cloth to remove any lint or stray dirt. Check to see if everything looks straight and smooth and either point it out to her or fix it yourself. It's your job to make your mistress look as hot and sexy as possible (or as presentable for work or a vanilla social occasion);if she doesn't look good, it reflects poorly on you. And if she looks hot and sexy and dominant, it's something you should take pride in. "That hot sexy dom/me is my master/mistress! S/he chose me out of all the possible subs!"
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  5. JettOnly

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    Imperial - its why I sugessted threatened - wasnt sure it was something that should be followed tru with
    But of course she could threaten it and use something else and make you THINK thats what it was
    or slide on a binch of condoms or something

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    Thank you sebastian, that was good hearing another perspective on boot worship and rituals.

    Jett's mentioning condoms over the heel, that's what I was thinking when I was questioning it because I would think there's no way a bare normal heel could safely penetrate for any extended period of time! I see what seb is saying too; it's easy to forget how much work goes into making things safe in the movies.

    I sometimes worry about germs because I'm very clean other than my fetish for boot cleaning. My strategy has always been to swallow minimally while performing the act, then using Listerine afterward to kill off anything potentially harmful. The only issue I've had so far was a cold that lasted a few days after cleaning actual mud...this may or may not have been directly related.
  7. RopeRanger

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