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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by sharik, Nov 19, 2007.

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  1. sharik

    sharik New Member

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    Hi all:)
    Just wanna ask you a couple of questions.

    A question for slaves:
    Do you still remember the first day you were collared? Did you feel anything special at that time?

    A question for both slaves and their owners:
    What signifies for you a collar having been put on you/ Your slave? Just as an accessory or something more?
  2. slavehal

    slavehal New Member

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    Certainly do remember - even though it was some 15 years ago while i was in slave training under SlaveMaster (he has website). Then when current Master placed His collar (gold chain), the love was almost overwhelming.
  3. Lucian

    Lucian New Member

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    I can remember the moment i placed the collar around her neck like it
    happened yesterday. There was no great ceremony involved, we had
    the room lit by only by scented candles.

    I can still see how beautiful she looked in the glow of those candles as
    i told her to kneel naked at my feet. I could hear her breathing increase
    and her face flushed as i showed her the collar, her eyes never left it

    As i placed it around her neck i was quietly asking her if she understood
    fully what it meant to wear my collar. That she was handing over complete
    control of her body and her soul to me to do with as i please.

    I asked her if she agreed to all of that and the moment she said 'yes', i
    clicked the fastener shut. I looked into her eyes, told her i loved her and
    kissed her.

    So yeah, the fact she wore my collar for nearly three years meant everything
    to me, it was somehow much more than a wedding ring...
  4. rikkiann

    rikkiann New Member

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    I was collared about 2 years ago. It was the happiest day of my life. It happened at the club
    we play at a lot. He led me out by my leash completly naked and put his collar around my neck. whn he leaned over and kissed me i cried i was so happy. I understood that now my body and soul belonged to him. now two years later i am still feel the same way about him
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